Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Class information

Thank you to all those lovely, lovely people who have been emailing me asking when details of my classes will be released. Family life has been my main focus for the last few weeks but I have been trying to figure out alternative class options, as the very lovely Steph no longer has enough space to accommodate my classes at The Bead Scene.
With that in mind, and along side all the family commitments, I have come to the conclusion that for the remainder of this year, I will only be teaching a few classes at other stores, so if you would like to join me for a class, this is where I will be.

6th September 2014 - Ali Craft retreat in Daventry.

20th September 2014 - DEMO at Alexandra Palace with PaperArtsy

4th October 2014 - Crafting Time, Shepreth

19th October 2014 - The Stamp Attic, Wantage

If you are unable to join me for one of these classes, there is one demo slotted in my schedule for Ally Pally, which is always an amazing show. I get to catch up with all those loyal followers who have supported me throughout my creative career. The show, in my opinion is the best show on the stamping/scrapbooking calender and is an opportunity for the general public to see all the latest releases alongside fabulous demonstrations from some of the UK's leading suppliers.



Marsha Ward said...

Ughhh!!! WHYYYYY are all the cool people in the UK?! Lol! Your so farrrrr away from me!! =( =( I found ur page when I spotted and AMAZING bracelet on pinterest and couldn't believe my eyeballs when I saw that, well, one, the pin actually took me to a real site, and two, there was actually a TUTORIAL on HOW and I can get the supplies at either Michaels or AC Moore, both are literally FIVE MIN up the road by car!!! Then, I saw, you held classes...WHAAAT?! No WAY!!!!! THEEEENNNNN I saw the list and recognized not a single place and when I scanned the article, there it was, ughh, disappointment, right there in white and black...your in the UK!! Say it aint SO!! LOL!! Well at least I have real, and easy to follow tutorials to keep me busy! So for that, I thank you! You, my friend, have a new follower!!! And, anytime you have the urge to visit New England, specifically, Massachusetts, especially the east coast, and Cape Cod, you let me know and Ill be the Welcome Wagon!! And, for a few short classes on ur awesome stuff, Id even be your personal tour guide!!! LOL!!!!!!! LOL!!!
But, on the serious side, thanks for sharing your awesomeness!!!! I hope to Gawwwd its as easy to follow when Im actually making it...I tend to get very excited and therefore discombobulated and end up thinking too much into something and screwing it up or get overwhelmed by my own OVER thinking it, esp if it is not hard!! LOL! I have this thought in my head that if its fairly easy and Im NOT havng a hard time, I MUST be doing it wrong! Hahaaa!!! Anyway, off to explore your wicked fun looking blog!! Keep up the great posts, please!!! Lol! ;)

Yours Artfully said...

Wow Marsha, what a fabulous comment, you just made my day. I'm sorry that you are a tad too far away to come to class but New England is on my list of places that I would like to visit, so you never know!!!!!