Monday, 25 August 2014

Bad blogger

I have been such a bad blogger again lately. In all honesty, I really haven't felt at all creative these past few weeks but this bank holiday weekend may just have put me back on track. A group of lovely, crafty friends gathered at my house for two days of creativity. My kitchen became an art studio and a lot of fun was had by all, including my little doggie Meg. Everyone seemed to take a shine to her and she kind of stole the show a bit. Emma and Sam took it in turns to take her out in the garden for a mad five minutes on numerous occasions and now she is seriously missing their company and attention.

I was so busy that I didn't take any photos all weekend, so I have stolen a few from Sam and Helen's blogs (I hope they don't mind!!!) where you can read the full round up of events .

So the last two days left me itching to get back into my studio and after months of renovations and decorating, I thought it might be quite nice to make a few things for my new bedroom.

I found a small display unit that has been sitting in my "waiting to be altered " stash and gave it two coats of Fresco paint. The first colour was a custom mix of Snowflake, Vanilla and Vintage Lace to create a nice neutral cream colour, then I dry brushed some Space Cadet around the edges. I found the piece of fabric in my ever growing stash that is just the right colour and used a piece in each section to make a change from using paper.

I had an idea in my head to hang things in each of the niches and to try and keep it simple for a change. After searching through my stash of found/collected/scavenged objects, I decided that I might need to alter the few pieces that I had selected. This cameo was the perfect shape and size but completely the wrong colour but that isn't a problem at all as Fresco paint seems to work on pretty much any surface, so I set about changing the colour.

Although this gold crown is not exactly the wrong colour, it was way too shiny for my shabby looking project so I decided to alter this too.

I'm really pleased with the way they look now. A touch of Brass Treasure Gold over the Space Cadet paint worked perfectly with my colour scheme.

I added a few more bits and pieces which I think are mainly from Prima and decided that the project didn't really need anything else. This only took a couple of hours which is amazing for me, normally I would have spent all day just searching for the right components!!

 Here's a little close up of one of the niches.


Helen said...

You are more than welcome to photos! Thanks again for a lovely time. Poor Meggie, hardly anyone to play with today! Your little cabinet looks gorgeous - we've all been slumped, doing nothing!! xx

jojo79 said...

Beautiful piece Lin.

sam21ski said...

Oooh Lin, I'm so pleased that you got something out of our fab weekend too and you really got on a roll with your altered cabinet, it looks fab.

No probs re the photos and Meg is just adorable, just a shame she can't understand why we weren't back again today - lol

Thanks once again xxx

snazzyoriginal said...

Beautiful project xx

Sue said...

Hello Lin,
This little cabinet looks so beautiful, I love your elements and how you have used them to decorate.

Lin said...

Hi Lin
The weekend was fantastic!! wouldn't have missed it for the world!!
So glad to see you've gone back to your workshop and created a beautiful cabinet to go along with all the beauties already in your home..can't wait until next time xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, that all sounds such fun! I'm so glad your day boosted your creativity! I love the little niches and what you put in them. Meg looks adorable! Sounds like she missed her adoring fans! Julie Ann xxx

Anonymous said...

You were VERY brave, letting that mad lot into your home for two days! ;-) Judging by their photos & blog posts, they had a wonderful time. I love your little shadowbox, it's so beautiful.

Ruth said...

Love the little display unit makeover, beautiful! Glad you had a lovely time. Ruth x

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Lin your creativity seems to have come back in abundance. This looks really fabulous. I love the colours you have chosen and the altered pieces look amazing. Xxx

Kathyk said...

Looks like a fab time was had by all (especially Meg!) - gr8 makes too


Scrapthat said...

So pretty! I love your altering job! :D

massofhair said...

Great altered piece, loving the colours very much:-) xxx

Daniele said...

so loving this, it would look so wonderful in my, sorry to hear that there will be no more classes, have you thought about on line classes Lin.....hint hint. Looking forward to Daventry and hopefully I will be fully fit this time, I'm still getting over my op and waiting to get the kidney stone sorted but other than that I'm on the mend and ready to craft
hugs x

finnella03 said...

Glad you all had a great weekend, it looked like fun. The piece is lovely too! Give Meg a hug too!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaargh -- you are so talented! It's a gorgeous project -- love it to bits!!!

Big hug - Sally xoxo

craftimamma said...

As Sam said it's lovely to hear you got something out of giving us such a wonderful weekend! Your little cabinet's makeover has transformed it into such a beautiful decor piece. We really had the best time ever and Meg is such a gorgeous dog we couldn't help but love her. Thanks again Lin for your hard work and hospitality.

Lesley Xx

Wanda Hentges said...

This is beautiful!!!!