Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January has flown by!!!

Yikes the days and weeks are flying by!!! I had every intention of trying to blog 2/3 times a week throughout January and well.......that clearly has not happened!!! Loads of stuff going on behind the scenes here, I went down to PA HQ, along with JOFY last week to help Leandra with the new Fresco Finish paint colours (the new colours are not on line yet but all the existing ones are)....that was fun and also very exciting........some fantastic new colours are coming your way. We spent loads of time re-grouping colours into their little families too so it will be easier for you guys to get your head around our way of thinking when it comes to colour choices.

College is now in full swing so I am back to lots of homework which is time consuming but soooooo much fun too.The real fun starts this Thursday when we start dying fabrics again....I am uber excited at the thought of this!

I haven't actually created anything for ages now and am really chomping at the bit as I have a pile of new stash which shouts at me every day but I really have to get all the other stuff done first before I allow myself the luxury of playing.

I have been dying to get my mits on these, fabby stencils and stamps by Michelle Ward at Green Pepper Press

I love how you get the stencil and the cut out bit for a mask!!!

And stamps to match!!

Another set of very useful stamps and I just couldn't resist this gorgeous stencil.
Then I have some Paperbag Studio stamps that I have been yearning for.

Hoping to find time this weekend for a good old messy session but I'm not holding my breath, it's also Sarah's birthday on Friday and I'm hoping for a bit of a family get together.

Just a gentle reminder that my classes go on sale tomorrow night at 8pm, all the details are available for viewing here . Please be aware that the website will not allow you to add any classes to your basket until I flick the magic switch at 8pm. I also would just like to point out a couple of other but useful snippets of information.

First of all, please do not think that you cannot book a class because you do not have a PayPal account. You can, simply go through the booking procedure and you will have the option to use you debit or credit card, it will simply be handled by PayPal.

Secondly, if the class you wanted to book sells out before you manage to secure a place, please email me at linda@lbcrafts.com as I do keep a cancellation list and I do sometimes get cancellations, sadly people cannot foresee illness and although cancellations are usually short notice, you never know, you may just get a place.

OK, that's me for today, I've got some serious kitting up to do for class kits......I do miss Karen!!!


Helen said...

Those stencils and matching stamps look gorgeous - off to check them out right now!! I have those PBS sets of stamps - don't use them nearly enough - but seeing them here has got me thing journal-wise... hmm is it time to go home yet?!

finnella03 said...

Lovely to hear about your course. We have those Paperbag studio stamps they are lovely. Look really nice the masks & stencils. I'll be waiting for you to flick the switch for the classes!

Inkypinkycraft said...

those stencils look fab! trace x

Sue said...

Lin, can I ask if you bought the Green Pepper stencils direct?? I looked at them but the postage was quite expensive:) Sue

Deborah said...

Love the Green Pepper stuff. Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Wish someone would stock them here as it does get very expensive postage-wise.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lin -- looks as if I have to go to Green Pepper. Do agree that they are gorgeous stencils (and stamps, too). Don't think I can live without them . . .
Thanks for the tip -- Sally mwah

Linda M. Cain said...

LOVE Michelle Ward's style! And the background stamps are perfect!!!


Jo said...

Lordy those stencils are lush, very Orla Kiely, they'll be going on the wish list! Jo xx