Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Green Pepper Press Info

In response to my earlier post today, I've had a few comments and emails asking me if I purchased my Green Pepper Press goodies direct as you guys are worried about the P&P costs which, of course is completely understandable. My postage costs worked out to about £10.50  and you also have to bear in mind that you may get slapped with a VAT charge as the goods entered the UK. Sometimes these things slip under the radar at the Post Office but you do have to allow for that just in case. I appreciate that this is not cheap.....I couldn't live without them though. I know that Michelle does not wholesale and does not intend to wholesale her line, so it is unlikely that they will be appearing in any UK stores.It would be my suggestion to leave a comment here on my blog if you are interested  and maybe one of you would like to co-ordinate a mass order to save on shipping costs. I am more than happy to put you guys in touch with one another.



chris'nlinda said...

Count me in for a bulk order - but like you Lin, if no-one wants to do so I'm going to send off for them anyway. Just bought the classic 'True Colours' featuring Michelle's contributions! Love her work!

Sue said...

Thanks for the info Lin. I personally don't think a bulk order is a good idea....more likely to get caught by customs and that will negate any savings on postage. Might just have to bite the bullet on the postage on a personal order:)