Saturday, 19 January 2013

And class details

I have been such a bad, bad blogger of late. Truth is, I have been busy but not really had much time in my studio to play. I have decorated my study though which I am very pleased with. Mark and I have lived in this house for 16 years and have never decorated the study. Quite frankly, the thought of moving 16 years worth of rubbish filled us with dread but when we were in danger of actually wearing a hole in the middle of the carpet, we realised that we had no alternative other than to get on and do it. And do it we did!!! Many, many sacks of rubbish and recycling went off to the local rubbish tip along with worn out carpet, tired out desks and filing cabinets and the result is this.....

New carpet tiles........ laid by Mark, new IKEA furniture....built by Mark, freshly painted Mark, newly painted walls by ........Mark and ME!!!! So yes, I did actually play a part in the final decoration but I did also sort through the 16 years worth of rubbish. Just need to sort through our photographs now and select a few that will be framed and displayed on the wall and it's all done.

Once the study was up and running again, I was able to get back to the whole business of up coming classes. I have five classes planned for the first half of the year. Some of them are projects which I have posted on my blog before as some of you lovely, lovely people requested them as class projects. There are a couple of newbies too. I have been playing with my JOFY set of stamps by PaperArtsy and although they are not my usual style of stamp, I absolutely love them and simply can't wait for the rest of the collection to be available. So Mrs Firth-Young, if you are reading this.....get your skates on, I'm waiting you know!!!!

So with my trusty set of JOFY stamps I decided to make a memory frame for some of my special pictures which will sit beautifully on my new desk and this will be one of the classes on offer.

I also made a shrink plastic bracelet as the last one I made caused a bit of a stir.

Then I thought I would use some of the skills I acquired at college last year and have put together a class called Alternative Stamping where we will be carving our own stamps and using everyday items for printing images.

Then the last two classes are by request, a textured canvas with lots of paint and embellishments.

A large canvas with lots and lots and lots of layers of paint.

Details of the classes are available to view here and will be available to book from 8pm on Wednesday 30th January 2013. I know that's a tease but it just gives you guys a little while to think about which classes you would like to book and as it is strictly first come, first served, it also gives everyone an equal chance of booking a space.

OK, that's me for today. Take care in the snow.


Helen said...

Wow, Lin the study looks fabulous! I have worn away my living room carpet (it's also my craft space as you may know) but I cannot face the thought of moving everything..
The classes look absolutely fabulous, wish I had the means to get there to take one.

snazzyoriginal said...

These workshops look amazing, the colours on the shrink plastic bracelet are stunning,love the colour of the study too xx

Linda Cain said...

Perfect! Love the JOFY picture frame! And the classes???? I'd be there in a flash to sign up! They look wonderful.
Stay warm. We finally have a sunny day we could sit out in the sunroom and enjoy.
Lovin' the PaperArtsy life,

Jo said...

Well done on getting the study sorted, looks great. Um the classes do look good especially like the textured canvas. Jo xx

Daniele said...

congrats on finishing the study, its amazing how much you clutter you collect we decluttered before Christmas, lovely classes, finger on the button at 8:00pm

finnella03 said...

Your study looks great and the colour is lovely. Have broken the news to our dogs that they will be late for dog training, as it starts at 8pm on Wednesday!!!

Brenda Brown said...

Classes look fabulous Lin, hope Chris and I can do one of them. Fabulous study, know exactly how you feel, having to do the same in my workroom, nearly there. Take care xx

Anonymous said...

Love the colour on the wall of your study.
The projects for your classes look beautiful. But i am afraid i can only attend them in my dreams. Sort of nice too.

Lin said...

study looks fab the colour.... classes look great as usual hoping there are still some spaces left on payday :)

Wendy said...

Looks wonderful, well done on finishing it. Just wanted to say I have more jelly beans in my machine than you have in yours LOL x

Jane W. said...

Boohoohoo! How I wished I lived in England. That charm bracelet is calling my name. Is a tutorial available for sale?