Wednesday, 2 February 2011

CHA round up

I'm back from sunny LA and it's feeling a tad chilly. I'm doing my best to fight off the jet lag so I'm trying hard to stay up until my regular bedtime oh, and I'm really enjoying lots of cups of real tea, I had no idea I would miss it that much!
I had an amazing timein LA....laughed a lot, just as you would expect if you spend the week in the company of Linda Elbourne who thanks to Mario now goes by the name of Julia!! We did our bit to boost the Californian at Michael' at the Grove where they have an UGG me some lush Ugg trainer/pump fur lined jobbies but sooooo wishing I had bought the blue boots too. We also found Glendale Galleria, if any of you UK guys are still in LA, you need to go shopping was fabulous! And get this....they have armchairs in the underground car park for you to take the weight off your feet whilst you wait for your taxi....only in America!!
Now I need you to concentrate for this picture. Linda and I decided we would have a little drinky in the hotel bar.....well it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?
In the bar area, there was the most beautiful lighting arrangement....all oriental and everything. The table was black and shiny, so if you look carefully, not only can you see the lights reflection in the table, but the reflection of that in the wine cool is that?

Now for CHA stuff......this is the Convention Centre in Downtown LA on a beautiful, sunny day

As always, Ranger and Tim Holtz stole the show in my eyes. The New Distress Stains are to die for and of course Tim has amazing new lines with Sizzix and Advantus for his Ideaology range of embellishments plus a new release of stamps with Stampers Anonymous which I think is the best release he has done.......and guess what.....I've ordered them all!!!!
I also ordered Wendy Vecchi's new Studio 490 stamps and Art Parts, got some nice ideas whizzing around my head for those. Loved Graphic 45's new release too, so that should be with us soon along with a great range of bottle caps. Now I can hear you saying that bottle caps have been and gone but some of these are really different......they are magnetic and interchangeable. More about those when I get my hands on them.
OK, so now sit and enjoy the pictures of some of the artwork that I found inspiring.
The above two samples were by my very talented friend Linda Cain......just beautuful!
And this amazing sample was Tim's submission for the Ranger Designer challenge......loved it!!!

Wndy Vecchi's Art Parts.

Some of Tim's new stamps.

I have a gazillion more photographs but that will have to keep for another day, the jet lag is starting to win the battle.



Helen said...

Well done on getting this many blogged, I say! Have a good sleep and I am sure you'll be up and running tomorrow!

Anne Jagger said...

Lovely photos. So glad you have ordered all that lovely new stuff - can't wait for it to arrive.
Hope you feel less fatigued really soon.

Artyjen said...

Thanks for sharing the fun :)
xoxo Sioux

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. The photo of the wine glass reflection that's reflecting those lights is amazing who was sitting with their arms crossed? Hope you managed to get a good nights sleep and feel good on it tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing some of the goodies soon.

Kathyk said...

LOVLEY Piccies - esp that table full of drinkies - I once found the rest rooms in a hotel and there was like a lounge!!!! AMAZING.
Fab art work in all your piccies too - we want MORE!!!


Netty said...

Sounds as if you crammed a lot in and loads of fun along the way. Seeing those gorgeous reflections just brings a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing. Annette x

Gillian said...

Better start saving before all these cool items arrive, enjoyed reading about your venture to CHA Lin.

Linda Cain said...

Could not agree more that this is Tim's best release ever. Great shots and TFS.


Neet said...

Fab photos Lin, and things I never saw too. Glad you got home safe.

steph said...

great piccies. Sounds like you had the best time in LA. Hope you feel less jet lagged today :)

judith@poppy cottage said...

You think that it can't get any better, but Tim and Co. just keep bringing out all these wonderful things for us to play with. I'm so pleased that you and Linda had a fab time. Can't wait for the goodies to start arriving! Look forward to seeing you at Stamperama, hopefully you will have got your breath back by then!Judith xx

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for sharing this trip with us mere mortals. It's such a shame that the general public ie us crafters that actually buy the goodies, never get to see those amazing creations in real life.

Hilda Gale said...

Fabulous fun Lin, thanks so much for sharing with us. Hope you have recovered from the trip, so looking forward to seeing you work your magic again on Sunday xx

John said...

I love everything about this blog post - pure brilliance and very interesting articles as well. photos are great and beautiful.

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Sarah Somerset said...

sooooo pleased you got the Art Parts, love them x

JoZart said...

Hi Lin.. Great to see your was good to meet you at CHA and glad you are home safely. We are now flying over Amarillo en route to NY and keeping fingers crossed we can get home without delays. I can't wait to see all my stash again and put it to good use!
JoZarty x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing the terrific photos Lin.

Daniele said...

ohhhh what lovely looking pieces of art, hope you get over the jet lag real soon not the best of feelings......shame you couldn't bring some of that sunshine back with you, looking forward to the next update