Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Where did last week go?

Well, yet another week has passed me by, my feet really have not touched the ground. Have been busy getting prepared for the start of my own classes, which so far have been fab. Saturday was the extra Grunge It Up class that I squeezed into my already bonkers schedule. It was great, everyone finished their project, I'm so glad I allowed an extra hour for this class. It was a long day but so worth it, all the samples turned out great. I really need to remember to take photographs!!! Yesterday we did the Mini Canvas Book class and tomorrow is Behind The Dark Room Door. I can't even think beyond tomorrow, it scares me too much to think how full my diary is!!!

I'm now in ordering and kitting up mode for ArtsyCrafts. Now that all the samples are made, kitting up begins....poor Karen......she's the one that does most of this........with all the different classes for 100 people (50 each weekend) we will be packaging over 400 kits....that's a lot of little baggies stuffed with goodies!!!! Anyway places are filling fast...only four places left on the second weekend now, so if you are still thinking about it, better hurry!!!!

I now have my voice back after what seems forever. Since then I've been to see a plastic surgeon to have three moles removed, I would have loved a face lift but that's a bit outside my budget!! Also had yet another bout of conjunctivitis....that's the fifth time this year!!!Feeling loads better now and hope that's the end of the poorly sick season for me.

Meg is still a thief, she's six months old now and can run at the speed of light. He favourite prank at the moment is to pinch the TV remote control and chase around the garden with it. We have quite a large garden and it takes three of us to catch her. We have to sort of corner her in the hope of grabbing it before she makes a lightening dash. She loves to bury things and I'm really scared she will take the remote without us seeing her do the famous meg escape and then go and bury the stupid thing.....we just know that it's going to happen sometime real soon!

So here she is with the remnants of two of her favourite toys........nothing lasts that long with Meg!!!

And this is her in one of her calmer moments....which are quite rare!!

I've finally managed to put beeswax on my Petite Doll that I did in the Suzi Blue class. Actually, this is the second one, the first one didn't photograph terribly well, I lost all the fabby gold bits that I put on it underneath all the beeswax. I've been more sparing with the beeswax on this one and I'm still not sure that she is completely finished yet, I'll keep revisiting her for a while and I'm sure those finishing touches will jump into my head. I may well go back to the first one and give it a blast with my heat gun and remove some of the beeswax in the hope that i can reveal some of the gems hidden below. Have I told you how much fun that class was......it was amazing, worth every penny....only $55...what a bargain. I did most of my drawing and colouring when Mark was away in Singapore. The puppy wasn't very old then and she kept stealing my pencils so I would make a nice big cuppa, go to bed dead early...like 8pm....and do my drawing in bed....with the TV on.......sooooooo relaxing!!!! Anyway, I guess after that you would like to see what I came up with....here she is!!!


Helen said...

Love the petite doll, it looks like a lot of fun.

Linda Elbourne said...

Your petite doll looks fab ... I am doing rodeo girl at the moment ... I agree the classes are great value and Suzi makes me laugh which is always a bonus!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Glad to hear you're feeling much better .Poor Karen sounds like she has a lot of packing to do .
Love the photos of Meg , lovely markings on her .
And finally love your piece from the Suzi Blu class ,
Love Lorraine xx

andrea said...

Fab class on Saturday.."grunge it up" is already framed and hanging on the wall.....Glad you are feeling better. Love the Suzi blu... take care, Andrea.x

Sandy Poppins said...

Your Suzi Blu doll looks fab Linda!
Glad you're feeling better. x

Hels said...

The class sounds brill...:O( I missed out on this one...and the Beeswax dolly is beautiful I could see all the little bits on it...and the drawing is FAB! Hope you feeling heaps better now hun...and big huggies for Meg, she is a cutie x