Monday, 31 August 2009

It's been a great weekend!

I have so enjoyed this weekend. It started with a great class on Saturday. We did the "Canvas Creations" class and yay....I remembered to take some photos. It was a class that turned out to be very popular so I squeezed an extra two people in. They all did a great job, but the star of the class had to be 11 year old Alex Farnfield....look at the great job she made of her framed piece!!

After the class on Saturday evening, Mark took me to my favourite Chinese restaurant for a lovely meal. They had changed the menu since our last visit so there were all sorts of scrummy new items on the menu......crab claws......very yummy!!!!!
On Sunday morning, a quick dash into town to buy the mascara that I should have bought on my trip there Friday evening.....completely forgot as I got so busy chatting to my daughter Sarah who just started her new job in John Lewis on the brand new Liz Earle counter.....yep, Liz Earle is now available without having to mail order it.....I'm a happy girl in more ways than one. I have always loved these products but hated having to buy them mail order, more importantly though I think Sarah is going to love this job.
Back home, Kelly (oldest daughter) came over for lunch with her husband Jimmy and my two favourite little people, Ronnie and Millie. Ronnie is now three and Millie 16months. Until Sunday Millie had only taken a couple of steps but she decided to go the whole way and walk from one side of my kitchen to the other....she was so pleased with herself and I got to share that special moment with them all......just magical!!!

And now it's Monday, spent a few hours making some jewellery with some of the most gorgeous lampwork beads that I purchased recently. I don't get very much time to myself, so I always enjoy it when I can sit down and make something without feeling guilty about not working. Thought I would share my creations with you. My hope is that one day, my lampwork beads will look like these, at the moment mine look like lemons!!!!


Linda Elbourne said...

Alex's canvas is fab - I love the colour and your beads are gorgeous too!

Tolegranny said...

Love your jewellery. And Alex's canvas is wonderful. Lots of budding talent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Wow weeeee, i love your hand made jewellery , everything is beautiful .Love the colour combinations and the beads a really yummy .
I am sure your beads are not as bad as you say they are
Love Lorraine xx

Jean said...

Hello Linda as promised. Emma and I enjoyed the class on Saturday and even our husbands were impressed with our handicraft. The jewlellery is lovely. See you soon.

Val said...

Hi Lin

Lovely your jewelery - are you going to add this to your classes.
Looking forward to coming to your class on the 18th Sept.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Gorgeous details.
Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend (Worthing).

alex said...

thank you for your comments the class was really great fun!!