Saturday, 15 August 2009

More Classes

Phew! That's Stevenage over and I really mean phew 'cos it was hotter than hell in that leisure centre!!!! Also because I wasn't feeling very well, it was difficult coping with the heat. I finally got myself to the doctors this week as I had been feeling rubbish for over a week and it turns out that I have a chest infection and sinusitis. Anti b's now kicking in and feeling much better.

Never mind it was a great show and I thought I share a picture of what I was demonstrating. We had all Leandra's new Nut & Meg Christmas stamps....very cute! I did a paint technique thing with three different types of paint from Viva.
First of all I painted the chipboard shape with a black paint dabber, dried it with the heat gun before adding some Terra. This is a textural paint that you can dry with the heat gun to make it bubble which adds to the texture effect. You have to remember though that if you have a thick layer of this, it will probably only be dry on the surface and not underneath at this point. Then I painted the terra with black and dried it again. I then used golden orange ferro which I applied with my finger, starting thick at the edge and smoothing out to a thin layer to blend into the background. Leandra figured out that if you wet you stamp with a babywipe before stamping into the Ferro, it releases easily without ripping off all the lovely paint that you carefully applied. So using this idea, I stamped some text into the Ferro. Again, dry it and you will notice that this will also bubble if you get too close with the heat gun. Finally add some Precious metal paint to the high points for a dry brushed look. This makes a fabulous, warm and rich background that has loads of depth.
My little snowman guy was stamped with Stazon on Pearl metal, using my tape sandwich technique and painted with Gold and Olive Precious Metal paint.....he's just the cutest snowman!!


As you know, my classes went on sale on the first of August. The Viva La Paint, Dark Room Door and Grunge It Up classes sold out very quickly and because so many people wanted these classes, I put on a couple of extra dates. Sadly, not all of the people of my list were free on the dates set and so I have a few places. They will be up on the website by this evening but in the meantime, here are the details and if you are interested, give me a call in the shop asap as I know they are going to be snapped up fast.

Saturday 22nd August - Grunge It Up

Friday 18th September - Behind the Dark Room Door

Sunday 13th December - Viva La Paint!

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