Thursday, 2 July 2009

Class place available

Due to the demand for places on my TSS masterclass, I arranged a mini masterclass for a group of friends who wanted to take a class together. This class is only one day, not the usual day and a half and takes place this Sunday. We don't normally get many cancellations but I have had one for this class, so if you would like to come, I have ONE place, give me a call at the shop on 01234 714848. First person to call gets the place! It's a very cool class, jam packed with techniques, you'll love it.

Well if you think it's hot and sticky here, spare a thought for my poor husband Mark. He is working in Singapore at the moment where it is 44 degrees C and very humid. It's a big, very important project for him and he hates the heat. Not really a happy bunny at the moment, in his last email he told me he was on a mission to find something to eat that was neither raw or still alive!!!!!

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Suze said...

tell Mark that raw is "in"'s the best...and in Singapore it's available on every street corner. Wish I were there with him..I love Singapore!
Love YOU too....!!!!
Big HI to L too...