Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Take That!!!!

What a weekend. I went to Old Trafford in Manchester at the weekend to see Take That. OMG those guys are amazing which is just as well because the weekend was quite an adventure. We set out early Saturday morning, via the opticians to collect my new glasses and prescription sunglasses....this was a good thing. Next thing was a bad thing....real bad headache, I think due to dehydration!!! We arrived in Manchester and found the hotel quite easily, which was a good thing until we stepped foot inside the hotel and found out this was a really bad thing!!!! The hotel was the pits...I was so upset by this as I had been the one to arrange the whole weekend. The other girls thought it was funny and part of the adventure.

Once unpacked, we decided to walk to Manchester town centre for lunch and a spot of shopping which of course is always a good thing unless like me, you couldn't find anything that you like!!! We did however think that as the weather forecast was not so good and the concert was outside, it may be a good idea to try and buy something waterproof. Off we trot to Primark, who has just the thing. White and pink polka dot number for £6.00...just the ticket. For anyone who knows me though will find this hilarious as I really am not a pink girl...let alone polka dots!!! But who cares, it was only just in case, we wouldn't need them......would we?
Back to grim hotel to get showered and changed. Off to restaurant for a nice meal....good thing you would think? As it turned out.....yep, you guessed it another bad thing. We waited for over 45 minutes for 4 salads. To cut a very long story short, three complaints to the waitress and manager finally gets us our meal, a reduction in the bill but of course we are now running very late. On leaving the restaurant, the first hint of rain. It wasn't long before the hint of rain turned into a downpour so we decided to get a taxi to the venue. Not long before a taxi appears, we hail the taxi, run down the road after it like four mad women and two very rude young men jump in our taxi and laugh at us. As you can imagine, we are starting to get a bit frazzled by now. Never mind, new taxi arrives very shortly and very nice taxi driver takes us to the venue. As we step out of the taxi, we see just how black the sky is and realise that it is not just a passing shower. Off to the bar to get a drink or two (just to help brace ourselves for what was coming of course).
Notice that I'm not in this picture, I really didn't want anyone to I know to see me in my pink placky mack. Anyway, L to R oldest daughter Kelly, my other daughter Sarah and Sarah's friend Della. Take note of the colour of the sky in the background, that's what was heading our way!!!

We make our way into the cricket ground and we wait for the boys to come on. The rain started to get heavier and heavier. Kelly my daughter said, "Mum, you should roll up your jeans a bit at the bottom so that they don't drag on the wet ground". You have no idea how funny that turned out to be, I actually had turn-ups full of water, it looked like I had a moat around each ankle!!! I have never experienced rain like this before, you simply could not get any wetter. Then luckily, it started to ease a little and on came the boys. The show was just amazing, I can't tell you how fantastic it was, who cared if we were soaking wet and cold, it was worth every raindrop!!!


Helen said...

Hope you've dried out now, sounds a hoot! Still think we should see you in the pink and white number though...!!!

tanya watts said...

oh dear Lin!!!! glad you can smile about it all now! i can imagine a few grrrrr's at the time though!

hugs, tanya xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Souds like it all turned out fab i the end .You lucky girl ,Take That live ...yummy
Love Lorraine xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!!! It sounds like such an ordeal - I'm pleased that you enjoyed the concert and hope you can see the funny side to the adventure now!!


Sue said...

Hi - sounds an absolute blast - all the drama for the perfect end result - and a pink polka dot plastic mac to boot. Wonder if the 25 rear of stage tickets for Wenbley this weekend are still around - very tempting - lol

Sue said...

Ooops should have said £25 - far too hot for serious thinking - lol

The Crafty Chick said...

If you don't want the placky mack, sounds right up Courtney's alley!
Shame the weekend didn't go a bit more smoothly, but the memory will last for years!!

carla parry said...

Hi Lin,

Just found this blog when I was trying to find your home address online! Love the mac pics.

Thanks so much for wedding pressie the album is lovely (you can probably guess now why I needed your address!)

Carla xxx

PS Love the blog.