Thursday, 25 June 2009

I hate technology!!!!

Well, it's been one of those frustrating days. My website is out of action and Mark is away in Teeside. My web guy is now working on the problem but as yet, I have no idea what the problem is. So here I am typing my long overdue post and because the site is down, you will not be able to click the link on the website to the blog, which is where most of our blog traffic comes from, so I have no idea why I am doing this. Actually, yes I do, I have stuff to tell you. You'll find it when we are up and running again.

In answer to all the phone calls and emails asking about the next series of classes, I am working on the samples now. Hopefully they will go on sale at the beginning of August if all goes according to plan. I will of course blog about it and will also send out the usual newsletter. I have to say, there is going to be some very cool classes on offer. I have already made the samples for the next TSS masterclass and there is a great class called "Viva La Paint!" There's going to be a mixed media jewellery class, some card classes and the rest are still on the drawing board.

I am trying to type this with a very excitable puppy on my lap who is insisting that my earrings are her new toys!!!

I taught a great TSS class a couple of weeks ago....that's how far behind I am with my blog posts....we covered a letter rack with metal and applied some great paint techniques. It's always great if the project is a usable item as well as decorative. Okay so this is going to be a challenge to try and upload my photographs on this computer, I usually do this from my laptop which I now have down pat!!! Let's see what happens......
I'm amazed, that wasn't so bad. Now that I have the picture thing figured out, here is a picture of Meg with her latest favourite toy!!!

Have you spotted the hole in my lawn. This is one of many, we think she is trying to convert the lawn into a putting green, the holes are small and some are almost perfect circles!! Good job we love her.

As if I don't have enough to do, I just signed up for an on line class. I'm blaming Leandra, she told me about it but I am so glad she did, I am so enjoying it. Suzi Blu is the very talented young lady behind this fabulous series of classes called Les Petite Dolls. We are learning how to draw very cute dolls, you know the kind, with great big eyes....such fun. And colouring, I thought I knew how to colour already. How wrong can you be, I have gained so much in just a week, I would recommend it to anyone.

Only two more sleeps until Take That....I hope the weather stays fine. I'm guessing there will not be any shelter from the rain at Old Trafford!!!


Linda Cain said...

I hear ya! It's great when it works! Technology that is...

Take care.

Linda C

tanya watts said...

oh well just as well i have a direct link to yoor blog haha!

glad you ae loving Suzi Blu's petite dolls! it is amazing fun isn't it!

nice is that after a while you discover your own style! sooo coool!

have fun at TAKE THAT! go scream your head of like a teenager lol! it'll be so fun!

xox tanya
on UK soil this weekend! yay! trip to Oxford :)

Sarah Anderson said...

and some of us come via other blogs :)
Oh dear, were you at Take That on Saturday when it rained? I live in south manchester and had friends going on various nights. I believe it was a fantastic concert

Yours Artfully said...

Yep, Sarah,I was there in the rain in my Primark £6, white and pink polka dot shower proof jacket. This is actually hilarious as I hate pink and I hadn't got a hope of staying dry in the down pour. But the concert was so fab, I really didn't care!!!