Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What a great day!!!

Well, it's been an exhausting but fun day. My shipment that should have arrived from Ten Seconds Studio some time ago finally landed on my doorstep today. Actually the delivery guy was literally waiting on the doorstep....he was there before me this morning!!! Anyway, it was well worth the wait, the new colours of metal are just gorgeous...... Barn Red, Periwinkle and the plum is to die for!!!! The Kabukas are going to be fantastic too, they are all in stock and should be on the website over the weekend, if you can't wait for them to be uploaded, just call the shop on 01234 714848, we are more than happy to take you order over the phone.

As many of you know, I have Suze staying with me for a day or so. We had a little play in the workshop the morning after unpacking the 15 cartons of TSS goodies!!! I showed her some of the metal techniques that I have been playing around with. I had left my camera at my daughter's house last week, so no photos for me today but if you hop on over to Suze's blog, she has snapped every moment of today, so you can see exactly what we got up to.....there were some hilarious moments, I can tell you.

We left the shop at noon to head off to the shopping centre in Milton Keynes for some retail therapy. I forgot that it was half term and parking was a nightmare!!! Anyway, parking space found, now in need on lunch in order to get us through the shopping spree. Lunch out of the way, we hit the shops, I got some great summer clothes, no I'm not mad, I'm off to Egypt in a couple of weeks time and wanted some cotton clothes as it is pretty warm out there even at this time of year. Shopping with Suze is hilarious, she tried on hats, we found the funkiest tights you've ever seen, in fact we had so many bags that Suze had to buy yet another suitcase to get all her stuff home....apparently, this happens on a regular basis!!!! We had put a four hour parking ticket on the car...when we got back to it.....we only had five minutes to spare!!!

Finally before heading home, we stopped off at Kelly's house to pick up my camera so that I am prepared for taking lots of snaps during the class tomorrow. Suze met Kelly, my daughter, Ronnie & Millie, my grandchildren and just fell in love with Kelly's lampshade!!!! So there was Kelly, searching Linda Barker's website to try and find the self same luck though, Kelly had it a few years ago but I have to admit it is a very cool lampshade made of suede and shells.

Well, my apologies again for no photos but I promise there will be lots tomorrow.


Sue Abbott said...

Wish I could have got to attend the workshop with you and Suze. Unfortunately other commitments got in the way. Never mind, have a fantastic time. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your blogs.

Sue xxx

Linda Cain said...

You two are a hoot! Love Suze's hat picture. Have a great time...what wonderful metal pieces you have created..makes me drool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Checked out the pics on Suze blog looks like you had a blast ....
Enjoy your workshop.
Love Lorraine xx