Friday, 20 February 2009

Bye Suze!!! Safe Journey Home

Well, it's very quiet here...I miss Suze and her laughter already. Mark and I took her to her airport hotel last night, ready to catch early morning flight back to New Jersey. I have to say that I had the best time as did all the girls who attended Suze's class. I have not laughed so much for a long's been hilarious from start to finish. So THANK YOU Suze, it was a blast!
I thought I would share a few of the highlights with you. Here are some of the girls watching Suze make her UTEE magic.

Here are a few shots of the girls hard at work followed by everyone together.

How fab is this photo.....showing off the blingy rings that we made!!!

Suze made this fabulous piece using of of the new Kabukas from Ten Seconds Studio. First of all she rubbed some embossing ink on the mould, dusted with Perfect Pearls and poured UTEE directly on the Kabuka. She then placed a cookie cutter in the UTEE to get the shape...hey presto.....this gorgeous piece was the result!!!
After the class, Suze asked me if I liked Clauine Hellmuth's Studio paint. My reaction..of course I do, I can make some great colours. So I set to and showed her my favourite Olive Green made from "Smidge of Blue" and "Dab of Yellow". She liked it too and then I thought, bet we could make a fab purple....we had had quite a purple day which is madness for me, I am really a green girl..definately not purple. Anyway, I mixed "Smidge of Blue" and "Dash of Red" together and got the richest aubergine colour......a colour to die for!!!! So rather than waste it, I painted it on a paper mache box. Suze then said "okay, let's see how fast you can finish that". She took step by step photographs for me.....look out for my next will be all the instructions and photos to show you how to make my aubergine trinket box! I would do it today but have run out of time as it is Ronnie's birthday today. He is 3 today, so I am off to Kelly's house with birthday gifts and for a slice of birthday cake!!!
Finally, here's a couple of shots of the new Kabukas that I embossed in Rock Star Black metal.
Then I swiped the surface with alcohol ink using felt and an applicator tool. I found that if I kept using the same piece of felt containg the paint that had been removed by the alcohol ink, it got mixed with the alcohol ink and created some really rich colours and interesting colours.


Linda Cain said...

Whoo! Hoo! wondered how you got that great look!!!! TFS!

claudine hellmuth said...

so glad you liked my paints! I have a color mixing chart on my web site here:

if you want to see other color you can make.

Suze is a great teacher, love those rings!

Jo said...

Found you! Some link love from

magpie said...

Amazing........ the effect is very good Love the technique....nice colour
Sharon xx

wendy vecchi said...

and again...
What a wonderful DIFFERENT look!