Wednesday, 26 November 2008

What a weekend!!!

Well, I knew that the weekend was going to be eventful but I had no idea just how eventful it would be!!!! I had a heavy week teaching classes at the shop, I manned the shop myself for a few days too leaving all the packing for the big Gothic Arch class that I had planned with Leandra until Saturday morning. The class was planned for Sunday but it shouldn't have been too much of a problem as Mark was helping me and Karen had the shop covered. Well of course things did not go quite according to the ever......I should have known. You do remember how cold it was last Saturday don't you? Also how dark and grey it was? Well, we had a power cut at about 11.30 am and it lasted all day. It was freezing cold and the shop was like the dark hole of Calcutta!!!!! I had expected it to be a busy day in the shop too as all the ladies that were travelling from all over the country to come the the arch class would want to come to the shop first. And of course they did......I felt couldn't see a thing in the shop. No heat, no lights, no till no credit card machine!!!!!!! We got over the problem of the credit card machine and reverted to the old fashioned manual paper slips. The till.....poor Karen had to write everything down. The heating, well I was wearing three jumpers and two coats....need I say more and finally the light....we had a miniature torch that a customer let us borrow. At 4.30, I said enough is enough and we closed the shop. My van was packed ready to go but I didn't take half of the stock with me that I had planned on as I couldn't see what I was packing!!!!
Second half of the weekend, Sunday.....much better day. It didn't start that great though, Leandra's husband Mark got a flat tyre on the way to the class and wasn't able to get it fixed properly, so they had to travel home on the spare.
42 ladies and Dan came from all over the countryto join us, that's me and Leandra, our husbands, Leandra's children (who have to be the best kids I have ever met) and Karen who helped us out by manning the till and generally on hand to help out. We started with the fabric stamping for the inside of the niche, most people chose to do a Christmas arch which was really nice, followed by lot's of metal techniques and finally UTEE beads, now known as the Leandra bead as named by Suze Weinberg. Here are a few photographs of the event.
If you think you would like to join us for one of our fun packed events next year, we have just added some extra dates, just give me a call to check on available spaces.


tanya watts said...

ohhh dear! your post had the same title as mine for the weekend!!! i got snowed in away from home unable to pick up my kids so i kind of now what your Saturday must have felt like! glad you had a great workshop on Sunday to make you feel bright and shiny again!
i'm having a look at those dates and see if i can plan a couple of days in England and join you for a class! i really want to! i coyld load up on Cadbury's while i'm there hihi!

gr tanya

Anonymous said...

It was a brilliant day Linda, great to try all those different techniques. Nice to see 2 pics of my back on your blog!! Thanks for stopping by my blog amd leaving a comment. It took most of monday to finish my arch, so we could definitely have done with more time, but your good instructions made it easy for me to finish things by myself. Sorry to hear you had so many problems before, hope all is sorted now!
Love Alison xx
P.S. Leandra's children were the best behaved I've met!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I didn't realise you had so much trouble . Sunday was a fantastic day , it was a great class , looking forward to the next .
Love Lorraine xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
I had a brilliant day (despite starting the day clearing ice off the car at 6am!)and really enjoyed all the techniques. I've been finishing my arch (not a Christmas one!) at home and I'm really pleased with the result. Looking forward to starting on a Christmas one next.
Leandra's kids were amazingly well behaved. They must have been really well bribed with something!
I hope you'll be posting more photos - especially some of the lovely work that people produced.
Love Sally
PS My credit card had a good day out too!

IsaNorris said...

Not a good start but I'm sure a wonderful end to that week-end. I'm so jealous, as I so wanted to be there. But you now know why I could not sign up for it: boxes must come first I'm afraid.
I do hope I'll have the chance to come to one of those week-end one day... although it seems very unlikely now... :(
Merry Christmas to you all
Isa Norris