Thursday, 20 November 2008


Sorry it has been a few weeks since my last post, I promised myself when I started this blog that I would post at least once a week....well that didn't last very long did it? It has been frantic here trying to get everything packed and ready for the arch class this weekend. I thought I was very organised with kits well under way and all under control then suddenly out of nowhere, we got loads of last minute bookings...which is great, I'm not really complaining, actually, I'm very should be a great class!

Talking of classes, our ArtsyCrafts weekend event for next March sold out really quickly, so we have added extra dates....I feel like the Take That guys putting on extra concerts because their gigs sold out so quickly!!!! Anyway, the extra dates are 28th & 29th march 2009, so if you are thinking you would like to come, places are filling could be a great gift from father Christmas!!!!

I did a spot of retail therapy last weekend, I went to the bead fair at Newmarket race course. Mark managed to leave the Tom Tom at work so I knew it was going to be an interesting journey. I was supposed to pick Karen up at 9am but managed to get lost in the one way system around Wellingborough. I had to ring her to say "I have no idea where I am except I'm parked outside a garage"..bless her...she came and found me. Luckily, she is much better at navigating than I am so we did find our way there without any problems. We had a lovely day and of course I spent way too much on beads....when I finally find the time to make them into something, I'll post some pictures.
I've been making a couple of pictures for about four months now with my grandchildren on. I had a great picture of Ronnie but Millie was another story, the canvas was yellow and she's always dressed in pink....big clash of colour....not nice at all. Finally, I got a great pic of her wearing something neutral, so here are the final results..these kids are just so cute, they melt my heart!


Piddawinkle said...

these are really lovely Linda, true works of art

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Your canvases are gorgeous - love the stamps and embellies you've used, and your grandchildren are very cute indeed!
Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant workshop yesterday, I had such a lovely day's crafting! I managed to finish my arch today, so you can see it if you like on my blog! Great instructions by the way!
Love Alison xx

Linda Cain said...

These are adorable!
Linda C

Anonymous said...