Friday, 12 December 2008


I've been working really hard the past few weeks to get next years classes all planned, samples made and schedule drawn up. Finally the samples are made, here are a few sneaky peeks of what's in store for 2009.
This class is called Turquoise Delight.......remember, you cannot book any classes until 3rd Jan, this is just to help you decide which classes you would like to attend.

These guys are from my TSS card class. Lots of different mediums involved in this one. I've played around with felt and foam for some really nice and different looks.

Sorry, the photos are not the best, the light in the shop is really poor today, it's really grey outside. This is my "Bloomin Beautiful" class. Basically it's a botanical book in a box all decoratated with the new Stdio paints and sticky canvas from Claudine Hellmuth.

The newsletter will be going out before Christmas with all the dates, times, prices etc. I had hoped that it would be this weekend but Mark has to fly to the US on Sunday for four days and I depend upon him for this task.....I wouldn't even know where to begin!!! What I can tell you though is that classes will go on sale on Saturday 3rd January 2009. In fact here is our Christmas schedule....make note of the SALE's going to be a good one this year. Lot's of very good reductions on lots of lines. I'm off on my yearly shopping spree in the new year so I need to make room for new stuff!!!

Christmas Eve - CLOSED

Christmas Day - CLOSED

Boxing Day - CLOSED

Sat. 27th Dec - SALE STARTS

Sun 28th Dec - CLOSED

Mon 29th Dec - CLOSED

Tues 30th Dec - CLOSED

Wed 31st Dec - CLOSED

Thur 1st Jan - CLOSED

Fri 2nd -Open 10am - 5pm


Mon 5th Jan - Normal trading resumes and sale continues

I had a mad time Christmas shopping yesterday, in fact it was a mammoth spree, I went straight home and wrapped everything, I feel so much better now that it's nearly all done, I'm feeling much more in control.....who am I kidding, in control......that never happens!!!!

If you are the only person in the world who has not been following Tim's blog, you need to go check out his blog for this years 12 tags of Christmas, it is so inspirational, jam packed with ideas. The other blog that you should check out is that of Suze Weinburg, she has been taking some classes herself in the art of should see what she has been's fabulous. She has also been going to town with Leandra's bead technique which is now known world wide as "The Leandra Bead"!!!!!!

As it's been a while since my last post, I thought I would share a little piece of artwork that I made when I was demonstrating at Ally Pally.....I know this was ages ago, but I really love this diddy piece.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Love the new pieces you have designed for classes....
And you little piece from Ally Pally is gorgeous in real life too.Have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.
Love Lorraine x