Monday, 29 September 2014

Fabulous weekend

 As well as the weather being pretty fantastic for the time of year here in the UK, my weekend was pretty fantastic too. On Saturday, I spent the day with my friends Karen and Mary for a day of creative experiments. For some time now, I have been itching to have a dabble with encaustic wax. Many years ago, I had a go at melting wax on an iron and using the iron as a kind of paint brush to apply the wax. I was rubbish at that but I have seen so many beautiful pieces of encaustic art that I really wanted to have a go at brushing molten wax on a project instead. Oh my, this could turn into yet another crafty addiction, I loved it!

This was my first attempt, just three colours with a touch of gold leaf and can you believe it....

I love the way the colours of wax mingle together.

 And a fragment of gold leaf just brings it to life.

Experiment number two, didn't quite go according to plan but hey, it was an experiment and I certainly discovered a few things that I like and don't like. I really like the gold leaf applied with a metal embossing wheel and I now know that I don't like wavy lines drawn through the wax.

But I really like the way that tiny drops of wax melt into the background.

My third and final piece for the day was done with Pan Pastels through a stencil and fused into the wax......this technique has lots of potential very excited, just need to get a hot plate now to melt my wax.

So that was Saturday. Sunday was a day of retail therapy of the textile variety at a show in Leicester. I really love all my purchases from Janet Humphrey, her stand was definitely my favourite, she had all kind of vintage haberdashery and kits.


I love the printed silk as well, so delicate.....really beautiful. There was of course quite a few other purchases but these were my absolute favourites.

So thank you Karen and Mary for a brilliant weekend, I loved every minute.


Helen said...

I always love your experiments as they always seem to turn out so well - the wax is no different.
Great shopping too!!

Living to work - working to live said...

Thanks for this. Encaustic is a bit of a mystery to me so I will be very interested to see more of your experiments and how you got there.

Alison said...

Great results Lin! Something else I wanna try now! Lol! xx

sam21ski said...

Great to experiment isn't it, love what you've done xx

finnella03 said...

Looks really lovely. Where in Leicester was the show?

massofhair said...

Have enjoyed France Papillion's experiments with encaustic art and now i am enjoying yours. It seems to be a very relaxing craft but also dangerous with the how wax.

Stunning experiments and loving your purchases :-) xxx

Kirsten said...

I love your experiments & these are no exception, they're gorgeous. Love the goodies you bought too, they're beautiful.

Kirsten said...

I love your experiments & these are no exception, they're gorgeous. Love the goodies you bought too, they're beautiful.

Anonymous said...

And I had a lovely weekend too. Can't wait to play more with encaustic and my brain is whirring with ideas. Thanks for sharing my first time with encaustic Mary xx

yoursartfully said...

It was a small textile show Rachel at Leicester grammar school.

Hazel Agnew said...

Fabulous playing, the results are quite dramatic. Love your purchases, vintage haberdashery sounds like heaven! Xx

craftimamma said...

Somehow I managed to miss this post Lin :-( but I'm glad I scrolled back to check today. I love your wax experiments, you are clever! The gold leaf looks lovely and I'm really intrigued by the embedded Pan Pastels.

Stunning purchases your made on your retail therapy day. All of them are beautiful.

Lesley Xx