Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Version Scrap - Paris

We're back from Version Scrap, a tad on the weary side but the shoulder held up OK which was a huge relief as the show was busy, busy, busy!!! Here's Mark on the till, even our security guy Jonathan hopped on a till to help out when it was really busy!

Leandra demonstrating with the wonderful Missie Sally at her side to help out with translation.

I thought I would share a few of the demo pieces I made at the show, this was one of my favourites, using the Chalk and Dusty Teal from the JOFY set of Limited Edition paints and Wendy Vecchi's Potting Soil Archival ink pad on top of Grunge Paste.

Oops, sorry about the shadows on this one, I was taking the photos at the show, underneath the lights!!!

This one is really quite pink, not my usual choice of colours at all. Actually, I even made a purple one but I gave that to the lovely Emma as I knew she would enjoy it more than me!!!!

A sample with a some more of JOFY's lines.

Here I used my limited edition paints, stencils and one of my quote stamps along with some background images from one of the new Hot Picks. Yikes, this photone is blurry......sorry, it's the only pic I have of this.

A close up of one of my favourite but older Hot Picks HP1109

On this sample I used some of Ellen Vargo's stamps EEV02 for my background. 

This sample had a bit of everything thrown at it. It was one of those pieces that I hated and whatever I did to it made it worse but I was determined to make it work. It took a while but I got there in the end and now I think I quite like it!!!!

These are just a few of the many, many samples I made. Leandra made loads too! If you are going to Ally Pally this weekend, I will be there on the Saturday, pop by to say hello and you will be able to see these in real life instead of my rubbish photography.


Gabrielle said...

Glad the shoulder withstood all that demoing - wonderful samples! Looking forward to briefly glimpsing you on Saturday! There's always such a crowd I doubt there'll be time to chat!!!

sam21ski said...

Fab samples Lin and great to have seen some of them in real life. Did you finish the one you started whilst we were watching and chatting with you before the lady came along who wanted to know how to use the flower stencil on the tag you gave to Emma?

Great atmosphere at the show and was nice to see some different things even if we couldn't understand a word - lol

See you soon

Sam xxx

Lin said...

wonderful samples as always Lin and we can definately vouch for you guy's being busy busy busy!! and the samples look so much better in real life lol!! It was lovely to meey Sally and Johnathan...was a great show!! will see you saturday xx

Helen said...

Didn't spend nearly enough watching in Paris, but will make up for that on Saturday! It was lovely to meet Sally at last, and Jonathan seems a great security guy! Hope you've spent the week resting ready for another round of demoing on Saturday.

Karin said...

Gorgeous samples Lin, hopefully I'll get to see them on Saturday.

butterfly said...

Fabulous samples... and it looks like a great show - determined to make it along next year!
Alison x

Yours Artfully said...

Thanks Sam. Didn't get a minute to finish the green one, will try at Ally Pally on Saturday.

Lin x

Coco said...

A set of fabulous samples!!... you have been very productive!!! It was great to see you again Lin. Hugs, Coco x

craftimamma said...

So glad that your shoulder stood up to the strain for you and it means I will get to watch you on Saturday :D! Wonderful samples Lin and I can't wait to see those too .......... not to mention picking up some fab stash!

Lesley Xx

PaperArtsy BlogDump said...
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Daniele said...

looks like you was really busy, love all the wonderful samples that you created, one of these years I'm going to go to the show, just need to stop working at weekends first
hugs x

ellen vargo said...

Hi Lin! So cool to see my stamps being used for demo - and love the result! Looks like it was a busy show! Hugs to you, Ellen x

Anonymous said...

Lovely samples. With all those people watching and talking it cannot be easy to create and smile all the time.
Have fun at Ally Pally.

Sue C said...

Beautiful samples Lin. Hope you have a great time at Ally Pally. Sue C x

Anonymous said...

Wow Lin, you must have been crafting nonstop! The samples are gorgeous & they're all so different. I'm glad your shoulder was ok, but I hope you've been taking it easy this week. Unfortunately for me, I won't see you on Saturday, I'm going to AP on Sunday this time, hope you have a lovely day.

Kyla said...

This looks like a fabulous excuse to go to Paris (not sure my hubby would agree though!).

Some fabulous makes too.


Lucy Edmondson said...

Gorgeous samples as always, Lin!

Lucy x