Friday, 21 March 2014

Another Sketchbook Page

Still working in my A3 sketchbook........ I like this book as it has black pages. I'm using up some scraps of fabric and thought I would see what it's like if I glue them in place with matt medium instead of bonding with Bondaweb.

Before any paint went on, I knew that it was going to be trickier to work on as nothing was laying flat and
smooth like it does with Bondaweb. I did already know this but was just being lazy as the matt medium was right in front of me!!!!!

First layer, Primary Elements by Luminart, spritzed with water to spread and blend. You can add a binder to this but I decided it would be quite nice to see how it would mingle with a layer of Snowflake Fresco Finish.

I'm using a few new stencils and a mask with my Snowflake to add some design to the next layer.

I'm loving the contrast of the shiny Primary Elements against the matt finish of the Fresco.

In order for the hearts at the top and flowers at the bottom of the page to show up, I had to stencil a layer of Snowflake Fresco and build colour on top of it. This is when I found that the beautiful Bolivian Blue Primary Element that I had used, started to come through the white paint, it was really pretty and guess who forgot to take a picture of it.....drats!! Anyways, although I loved that effect, it made it tricky to paint yellow and orange flowers as my yellow kept turning green over the blue. I had to dry it and add another layer of Snowflake. This gave me the white base to build colour. Those tiny flowers still looked a tad lost so I outlined them with a black pen.

This page is definitely not finished yet, I need to add something to the hearts.

 Lesson for today....from now on, I will always use Bondaweb, Stencilling over that lumpy bumpy surface was not at all easy!


Hazel Agnew said...

Wow Lin, another idea to set me off! Kept going back to the start to look at the fabrics that you started with. Such fabulous layering....that word again. Really love it! Thanks. Xx

Helen said...

beautiful, Lin - is your bondaweb wide as I can only find thin strips for hems (you can tell I don't sew!) Must widen my searches... Anyhow, the page looks gorgeous so far.

Yours Artfully said...

Hi Helen, I got my Bindaweb from Art Van Go, they sell it by the metre.


Lin said...

Lin this is beautiful..gorgeous much to look at!! can't wait to see the next bit xx

jojo79 said...

Beautiful Lin, can't wait to see what you do next. Have booked on your June course at It's crafting time. xx

massofhair said...

Love working on fabric, did you see my post about the free motion panels i did using stamps? It's on my Wordpress Blog if you get a chance to look. Was my first FME project, really enjoyed playing.

I will go add paint and stencils to a page and see if i can get it to work. Love the stencils, can you tell me which company makes them please?

Stunning colours as always, looking forward to seeing the next phase:-) xxx

Anonymous said...

Sue and Mary as promised love it. So nice to see you today see you xx

Anonymous said...

Lin, it looks amazing. I love the different layers & colours.

Wanda H said...

It's fabulous so far!!! And I like that lumpy, bumpy look!!

Yours Artfully said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. Just popped over to your blog as I hadn't seen your free motion pieces. Oh my, they are beautiful.

Yours Artfully said...

Haha, you girls are funny, thank you for your comment, it made my day. X