Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fancy an inky/painty weekend???

I need to apologise for being a bad blogger again, but I do have a couple of very good reasons for this. Many of you know that I had a touch of surgery to fix my right shoulder during the summer and the good news is that is has been a fantastic result. I have much more movement in that shoulder and it's now pain free......yippee!!!. The bad news is (not so yippee) that the other shoulder is now kaput and more surgery is scheduled soon. I'm really OK about have the surgery done but it does mean that I need to get next years classes organised and samples made before I am out of action again which is why it has been quiet here on my blog. It will probably continue to be quiet for a while as I work hard on secret squirrel stuff  but I really wanted to share some information with you about  a weekend retreat that I have been invited to teach in January 2014.

The lovely Ali from Ali-Craft approached me a while ago to ask if I would like to join her and Iain, along with Rob of "The MDF Man" fame to teach a class at their retreat in Daventry on January 18th & 19th. Well as Daventry is pretty much on my doorstep, I thought it was a great idea. I have designed the above project using some of my favourite products and favourite techniques which I think you guys will love. I'm really looking forward to teaching at this event as I get the fun part of teaching and poor Ali and Iain get all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. So if you fancy an inky/painty weekend to help with the winter blues, click here to hop on over to Ali's website for all the details.


Helen said...

That sounds a great weekend... will have to see what I can do... In the meantime, I hope the surgery on the second shoulder is as successful as the first... and leaves you pain free!! Take care. xxx

Sarah Dunkley said...

ooh that's only up the road! Will see if budget allows... ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery. Keep us posted, I'll be thinking of you. I can't make the workshop unfortunately, but I'm sure I will be a sell-out for you, the project looks beautiful.

sam21ski said...

Would really, really love to but can't commit in January due to the weather, sorry!!
Hope shoulder 2 op goes well, good job you've only got 2 of them!!!

Sam xxx

Daniele said...

I've booked and looking forward to it, a whole weekend of inkiness, glad to hear that your shoulder is better but not so good news about the other
hugs x

Nan G said...

Oh looks to be a fun project! So wish I could attend...it is a bit far to swim tho. :)