Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas!!!!!

Well, that has been a busy few days, lots of baking, wrapping presents, a trip to the pantomime and a visit to Santa. It's now 9.30 on Christmas Eve and I'm finally ready for Christmas. The pantomime in Milton Keynes with Louie Spence was amazing. The children loved it, especially Amillie as it was Cinderella and she really does love all things pretty and sparkly. The next day we all took a trip to a local garden centre to pay a visit to the real Santa. So here they all are waiting patiently for their turn.
Ronnie 6, Isla 19 months, Amillie 4 and Seb 21 months.

And here they are just before the giving of gifts along with their cousin Jackson. I still cannot believe that nobody cried!!!

So it just remains for me to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, full of special moments, lots of laughter, lots of gifts and lots of cake!!!! And a huge, special thank you to all of you lovely people who follow my blog and come to my classes, you guys are the best.

With much love, Lin x


finnella03 said...

Happy Christmas I hope you and your family have a lovely one!

Lin said...

Merry Christmas Lin..hope you and Mark have a wonderful day with all the family. Hope 2013 is a good one xx

Elaine said...

Merry Christmas Lin, ebjoy a special day with you and yours. Elaine x

annemarks said...

Lovely photos beautiful family, very best wishes to you all xxx

Trish said...

Merry Christmas Lin! (sorry it's late, I've been away for Christmas)
I hope you and your family had a wonderful day xxx