Tuesday, 18 December 2012

And breathe.....

Phew!! College work is finally in the bag.......all done and dusted and I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief as I really wanted it all finished before Christmas which is now only a week away.....Yikes!!! I have enrolled for next year as I loved it so much but the college tell me there is a slim chance that it may not go ahead if they don't get enough people signing up for it.....I'll be gutted if that happens so keep everything crossed for me. Assuming that it will go ahead (that's me with my positive head on!) I have to step back into my inky/painty/mixed media way of thinking and get my workshops planned for the next six months before college starts again in January. No rest for the wicked!!

I have the following dates booked at The Bead Scene for my classes and although I haven't figured out what classes will be on which dates yet, a few people asked me for the dates so that they could pencil them in their diary.....I am very flattered that you want to do that without knowing what the classes are!!!!

Sat 23rd Feb 2013
Sat 23rd Mar 2013
Sat 27th Apr 2013
Sat 18th May 2013
Sun 30th Jun2013

My aim is that classes will go on sale towards the end of January.

Anyway, I thought I would leave you with a few close up shots of some more of my college work, never done so much hand stitching in all my life....this is why I've been AWOL so much!

Fabric painting & fabric marbling

Soywax batik and a bit of hand needle felting
Indigo dyed Shibori
A closer look
And yes, I did sew all those tiny beads on by hand!!!!
Well, that's me for today, I'm off to watch my grand daughter Amillie in her school nativity this afternoon, she's an angel and she'll be dressing up in all things pretty and sparkly which is her most favourite thing to do!
Take care,


Helen said...

Oh, Lin these are beautiful - especially the Shibori. Apart from the small fact that I can hardly sew a button on, I wouldn't have the patience for all that tiny bead sewing, I am impressed!! Have a fabulous time this afternoon (no tears!) and a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Helen; beautiful pieces. The Shibori is stunning, I can't imagine sewing all those tiny beads on by hand. I hope the class runs again next year for you, I shall think positive thoughts. Have a lovely afternoon watching Amillie.

Li'l Pidge said...

Stunning, especially the tiny beadwork and the soy batik


Anonymous said...

As always, Lin, absolutely beautiful -- a fantastic course to take.
Happy Holidays!!!
Love - S. xoxo

annemarks said...

Fabulous pieces of work love the whole and all the parts. Looks like an amazing course, is it adult ed? Dont think there's anything like that near me but i am so inspired i must investigate :)

Yours Artfully said...

Hi Anne,

It's a City & Guilds Course, you can always contact them and find out if there is anywhere near you that offers this course.Mine was called Creative Textiles.


Brenda Brown said...

You can see how much you are loving this course Lin, the wonderful colours and designs reflect your style and show the wonderful creativity you have. Your projects are beautiful.
Hugs Brenda xox

Anonymous said...

What a stunning pieces of fabric art. The teacher must be most proud of you. Great you enjoyed yourself so much.
Hope you give yourself some rest.
Have a lovely Christmas time.

Linda Cain said...

Gorgeous work, and so glad you're pursuing your dream class!