Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Paris prep......Pan Pastels

So it's only just over a week until I pack my bags and head off to Paris with Mr & Mrs Paperartsy who are exhibiting at Version Scrap. Poor Leandra is up to her eyes in ordering, pressing rubber, trimming rubber, pricing stuff in Euros, pressing rubber,trimming rubber, prepping class kits, going to London to re-new her passport, pressing rubber....you get the idea!!! I would have gone down for a couple of days to help her out as chief elf Lynne is on hols in Hong Kong. Sadly my new car.....the car I have only had for two months......has a slippy clutch and actually needs a new clutch so I'm grounded for a bit. In an effort to help her out, I've been planning one of the make'n'takes for Paris. I tried to use as many of the new products as possible and came up with a cute little book.

This fun little tag book is made from Paperartsy new smoothy card which I love as it's white instead of the creamy colour of the regular tags that we normally use. This is great because it doesn't change the colour of the medium that you use on it.

I've used Pan Pastels both through a stencil and in conjunction with some of Leandra's stamps.......I must admit, I had forgotten just how much I love my PanPastels.

This is the back of the first book....simple, yet very effective.

You know me......I love green!!!

And finally, a more pastel version.

The inner pages in all three books are made from Leandra's new Crunchy paper and simply sewn together. I'll do a step by step thingy when I get back from Paris..... but if you happen to be going to this fabulous show and you would like to try Pan Pastels before investing your hard earned pennies, then stop by the Paperartsy booth and you could make one of these guys for yourself.

My tummy tells me it's time for lunch.......hope you all have a fun day.


Gabrielle said...

Ooh! These look wonderful! I love the effects each colour creates! Sad news about the car but better news that your tummy isn't lying - it IS lunchtime!

Sarah said...

How exciting and what a place to be - the definition of style and chic - that's Paris every day. When I went to Paper and Co. I was in love with ALL the ranges over there. Love your vivid colours on show here...- they will be lapped and snapped up in no time. Have a safe, inspiring and fabulous trip. Bon Voyage...!

Helen said...

My tummy is rumbling madly too, so it's time for my lunch as well! Can't believe your car needs a new clutch already - hope it's covered under the warranty (see, a non-driver and I know the lingo...!!)
The book you've made is adorable - wish I was coming to Paris, this looks fab - repeating it for Ally Pally??? pretty please?
Enjoy your lunch.

anna_fran said...

I want to play with my pastels! But can't, doing other projects to be finished before end of week :(. Love tese little books, love the colours.

Carol said...

Oh soooo cute! I like - and did I spot a little bit of pink!? I love all of those colours. Thinking I'll have to get some of that paperartsy paper! I hate when the cream tags change all the colors! Hope u have a fab time in Paris - wish I could join u! I'll try to get to Ally Pally - but 4 the mo it's NEC on Thursday!

Bella said...

Paris....how much of it will you see? I love that place. Not seen Pan pastels here in South Africa, but then we are at the end of the earth...

Kirsten Alicia said...

I love this project!!!!

Daniele said...

I was hoping to go this year but we are not allowed holidays so close to Easter.....drat, just loving your project. Have a fabbie time and don't spend too many Euros