Thursday, 21 July 2011

News round up

Have just spent about an hour trying to figure out how to move photographs around on my blog having loaded some upgrades to it this week. Sometimes I think if it's not broken, why fix it!!! I simply couldn't move my pictures up or down.....left to right was easy, but not what I needed to do. In the past I have always loaded my pictures, then slotted in my text and that method came about by a previous bad experience so now I am typing and slotting in pictures one by one.....there has to be an easier way than this and if you know me personally, you will know that this stuff can be a real challenge for me.....anyways, let's see what happens.....we could be in for an interesting post and not in the way that I had intended!!!

It's been another mad, crazy week here.Spent a fun couple of days last week with Leandra, working on our Autumn Artsycrafts projects and unless you are living on the moon, you will know that Leandra and I have been giving out clues all week so that you can try and guess the identity of our guest tutor for our Warrington event, if you guess correctly, you have the chance to win six Fresco Finish paints .It's not too late, there is still time to leave a comment with your guess. 

Leandra is busy as we speak, preparing her website ready for taking on-line bookings for both Warrington and Newport Pagnell Artsycrafts. If all goes according to plan, this should go live on Sunday but I'll be back with more details's all very exciting!!!!

Last Saturday, I taught a fun class for twelve lovely ladies, they are now all addicted to Fresco Finish paint
Ooo, think I'm getting the hang of the photo thingy's not as bad as I thought!!!!!

I then spent a few days working at home,in my new studio, trying to design some new class projects for classes here at the shop......that was fun but it is quite time consuming........want to see a little sneaky peek???
I've got quite a lot of ideas buzzing around my head, but sadly the VAT return is going to get in the way of creativity for a while.

Then I had a surprise visitor...little Sebastian.....only he's not so little any fact I don't think he was ever little.....he was kind of on the large size when he was born! Anyway, here he is now at 16 weeks old.
He's coming along a treat, I told Sarah to watch out, he'll be walking on his own by next week!!!
He's soooo happy, I love being a Nanna!

Now my final snippet of news......Dina Wakely classes......these will go on sale on Saturday 30th July and again more details will follow next week but the dates for your diary are either the 7th or 8th October, you don't need to book both, she will be teaching the same class on both days.

I'll be back soon with more Artsycrafts details.


Lottie said...

Oh the exitement is getting just too much. I don't know where you get your energy from - whatever you are on can I have some?

Hilda said...

What a fabulous little boy Lin, he looks such a happy chappie and how he has grown!!!

Helen said...

Hilda is right, he hs grown (I know babies do that, why are we always surprised?!!) He looks adorable.
Love the look of your Fresco class, it is such beautiful paint.