Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What a fab week

Well what a week that has been.....it has been amazing. Busy but good which is why I have been absent from my blog again. The weekend was the first of our Fresco Lifestyle Artsycrafts events which surprise, surprise focused on Paperartsy Fresco Finish paints.

We had some unusual things up our sleeve for this event....very different from our normal style and everyone just loved it and all of our lovely, lovely Artsycrafters made some fabulous and I really do mean fabulous pieces of art. I'm not going to reveal them all just yet as our Warrington guys have three weeks to wait until they get to make their projects so I've got a few little snippets for you.

Most important.....we like to keep energy leves high so there is plenty of choice for a quick sugar fix!!

But check out these.....how fantastic?????
Both the cameo and the lion moulds have to be two of my favourites.....the detail is amazing.

We do make three projects over the two days of Artsycrafts and I promise I will share more of the nitty gritty after Warrington and here comes the unashamed plug....we still have some places at Warrington!!!! You could still come! You could have an amazing weekend! Please call on 01234 714848 if you would like to join us.

Now for my other big news. If you follow me on Twitter you will already have met my new granddaughter but if not, I would like to introduce you to baby Isla Poppy who is just one week old. She is little sister to Ronnie aged 5 and Amillie aged 3 and is just a little cutie.
Yesterday, we managed to get some quality family time. My parents travelled up from London to meet our newest family member, it's not often that we can all get together, so this was really quite special.

I also got to have some cuddles with Sebastian who is now 9 weeks old and is the happiest baby on the planet, his smile melts my heart.

So now I have a paperwork day ahead of me......one of my favourite pastimes, so I think I'll just go grab another cuppa tea before I start.

Have a creative day!


Daniele said...

love the sneak peeks, the moulds look brill.and as for those grandchildren of your sooooo cute
best wishes

Electra said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time-and your grandkids are so precious!

Siobhan Brignull said...

awww bless nearly makes me want to have another one me-self, NOT, LOL, congrats on yet another grandkiddly wink and the event looked fab hoping to see you again for 2012, x

wendy vecchi said...
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wendy vecchi said...

yikes! typo in the other comment...
autocorrect is not always a good thing.

anyway...what a little cutie you got there. she is so sweet.
and...Sebastian has really grown. he's cute!
enjoy those snuggles!

Linda Cain said...

What a group of cuties! Love the molds. Untold possibilities!


Dragon said...

Awww Lin she is lovely and he is growing so quickly...

Val said...

How cute your later granddaughter looks.

Love the look of the new moulds.