Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding

So tomorrow is the "big day" for William and Kate and I'm sure that the whole world and me would like to wish them a huge amount of good luck for their very special day and to wish them every happiness for their future married't you just love a good wedding? Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that the shop will be closed tomorrow as Karen and I would love to see the wedding as it happens and not on the late night repeats but it will be business as usual on Saturday.

Not a day goes by now when I am not asked the question "when will the new classes be available?" As you know it has been a tad busy around here of late but we have finally got our act together and I can confirm that the new classes will be on sale on Saturday 14th May 2011. They will of course be up on the website for viewing about a week before this, so just keep checking back here or the website for all the info.

Due to popular demand, I am repeating a couple of my previous classes plus a couple of new ones and Linda E. has been working her little socks off and has cooked up seven new classes for you guys. Here's a couple of sneaky peeks of mine. This one is my new Fresco Finish paint technique class.........

......and this one is called "Right Up My Street"

That's me for today, I've got lots of ordering that needs my attention.

Enjoy the wedding tomorrow.



Helen said...

Good for you not working tomorrow and watching "live". I was thinking about going up to London but I am not sleeping on the pavement so think the TV has the best view, lol!

Daniele said...

lovin' the sneaks, I've put it in my diary, unfortunaetly I'm at work tomorrow....meanies, but at least I'm off on saturday ready for my class....yay!

Linda Cain said...

Love it! Love houses...that's a shocker! So glad you've come up with many wonderful classes to help keep the economy on a roll!

Big hugs!