Thursday, 3 March 2011

Artsycrafts review

I really cannot believe that it has been a full week since day 1 Artsycrafts, it has taken me all this time to get myself back into a normal routine. Unpacking stock, classroom equipment, paperwork and re-ordering stock....crikey, it's time consuming......but was it worth it? bet it was. It was one of the most amazing days ever!!!! Artsycrafts is normally quite a challenge to organise but for this event, we were expecting 288 over 2 days.....that's a lot of people......a lot of kits.......a lot of stock.....a fair amount of stress but then everything fell into place and we had a blast. We were so busy, I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked but here is my little review with the pictures that I do have.

The man himself, Mr Tim Holtz did us proud and put together an amazing class, it was one of his fantastic Configurations boxes stuffed to the brim with vintage trinkets and Idea-ology goodies and every single person just loved it. Of course Mr Mario "Starbucks" Rossi was there working his magic behind the scenes as well as Alain Avrillon from Ranger Industries.

Every person attending Artsycrafts gets a name badge, this time Mr Paperartsy (Mark) made all the badges, some people got more than one name badge but more about that later.
As I mentioned before, I didn't take many pictures of work in progress but I did take this great shot of the project that Leandra and I designed. Cute little terrace of houses, don't you think. Our project used a great new technique combining Paperartsy's fabulous new Fresco Finishes paint and Ranger Colorwash....we just loved the results.

So here are the pictures that I took on my phone. I'll start with some behind the scenes stuff on the lead up to the big day. Here's Karen and Linda E. unpacking Tim's stamps in the shop, all this stuff was destined for Artsycrafts........lots of lovely rubber.
Paperartsy Fresco Finishes paint waiting to go in our class kits.

Stock for the shop, all boxed and divided into the four sessions so that people on the last session still had the opportunity to purchase some of the brand new goodies.

This was just a fraction of the boxes that we took with us.

This is how our classroom looked before set up and.........

.......wave a magic wand.........hey presto........a classroom and a shop!!!
We do like to start out with a well stocked shop.

Just before classes started, Leandra and I popped down to Tim's classroom one last time to check that he had everything he needed, so we took the opportunity to take a quick snapshot before everyone arrived.

Class in, these guys were quiet in our could here a pin drop at this point.
In support of the British Heart Foundation's wear something red day, Siobhan, one of our very shy Artsycrafters, joined in the fun with her very blingy red top hat. Everyone loved her hat and most people tried it on. I even saw a picture of Mario wearing it at one point!!!!
Our resident comedienne Linda E. also known as Julia or Sweet Pea (she's the one that had three name badges!!!) trying to fit a whole packet of Maltesers in her mouth at once....I hasten to add, it was a fun size pack!!!! She's so gonna kill me when she sees this! Who was very funny!
But she never complains when she gets the rubbish jobs.And she did get to make a new best friend.......young of Leandra's gorgeous daughters who also worked her socks off for two whole days.
These girls flew in from Europe to take part in the event.....what makes you think they are Tim fans???????

This is what our shop looked like after you guys had finished shopping!!!!!!! Me thinks a little retail therapy works wonders.

Last but not least, this is the Artsycrafts team (the Marks are not here though, Mr Paperartsy was behind the camera and my Mark had to take time off from his proper job to man my shop).
L to R.....the lovely Karen (queen of kits), Linda E./Julia?Sweet Pea, Me, Tim, the gorgeous Millie, Leandra, Lynne Howe.....also known as Essex Lynne or Cheryl Cole, Jo Firth-Young and Leandra's oldest daughter, the beautiful Courtney.

My apologies again for the lack of pictures but I think I might be able to steal a few from Mr Paperartsy sometime soon.
So I would just like to thank each and everyone of of Artsycrafters for joining us for such an amazing event, the whole Artsycrafts team for your endless support, the guys at Ranger, Advantus and Stampers Anonymous for rushing products to us at the speed of light, Mario for being the King of kits and of course Tim for making so many people very happy by joining us at our special will be a day that many will remember for a long time to come.

Now this has absolutely nothing to do with Artsycrafts but I got to watch my beautiful grand daughter Millie at her ballet class this week and it just melted my heart.


papillon said...

i'm the one on the right with the Tim hoodie on the 17th (!!) picture ;) ArtsyCrafts was a blast! i had the most wonderful time and already plan on coming back next year. You will redo this next year now, will ya??!! thanks for everything, the classes, the shop, the fun :)))

kath said...

it's we who should be thanking you and leandra and all your wonderful team for an absolutely fantastic day...can't believe it's been and gone...still on cloud nine....big hugs kath xxx

Minxy said...

Looks like an amazing weekend, so gutted i missed it, please tell me Tim will be back again some time soon!!

Helen said...

Yes, please get Tim and Mario back - cos I won't let myself miss out again, I can tell you. Glad you had time to enjoy it too, Lin - you all worked SO hard. Every single blog and tweet I've seen (and that's a fair few!) is so full of praise for the event. Well done everyone involved.

Kaz said...

Awwwww.......cannot believe it was over a week ago! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou it was truly amazing xxx

Dallying Debz said...

You salute Tim for doing a wonderful job (which he did) but you, Leandra and the motley crew also did a fantastic job (as always).

That's why I love AC. Always well run, lots of stock in the shop for everyone and you guys are such an inspiration.

Linda E, well what can you say that hasn't been said before!

Mwah Mwah

Linda Cain said...

cAbsolutely amazing! So much fun, so little time....

Big hugs,

jeanetteguy said...

My sis and I flew over, sooo excited and like everyone else, was on a countdown from September!! As we hadn't been to an event as big as this didn't really know what to expect but it totally surpassed our expectations.
Out of this world is no exaggeration!
Fantastic projects and kits for both our classes, great fun and laughs and jokes shared. Lots of new ideas and products and just "a couple" of things bought in the shop, ahem!!
But best of all a great time from start to finish of an unforgettable few days away where we put names to faces, swooned (just a little) had lots of laughs and made new friendships. Just amazing.
Thanks guys for all the hard work that went on behind the scenes that made for such a brilliant time!!
Jeanette guy xx

steph said...

Had the best time. Many thanks to you and Leandra and the team for all your hard work with this amazing event

Paper Paradise said...

Wow looks like a great time was had by all, oh and what a little swwetie, I see you saved the best till last???? Sue x

Artyjen said...

It was the bestest time everrrrrrr. My once in a liftime! A fantastic day :)
Thanks so much...I'd do it again tomorrow if I wasn't so wacked!!! LOL
P.S. I do hope those chalky paints come in stock real soon 'cos there was only a couple of bottles left on the last day and not the colours I craved! Not complaining....just expressing the fact they are fabulous and I really, really need some! HOL

Neet said...

Brought last week back to me - thanks so much for an amazing time.

Can understand why the ballet picture melted your heart - gorgeous!

Dragon said...

What a fantastic day, Lin and thanks for all your hard work.... And everyone else of course. I do hope you can persuade Tim to come back again net year so we can do it all over again.... Looking forward to your class next month!!!

Hilda xx said...

So pleased it was such a success Lin and glad you are recovering from all the hard work!! Love the picture of your Millie - real heart melter, I agree!!!!

Joanne said...

I haven't come down to earth yet and actually hope I don't for a very long time, perhaps 'til just before the next one next year?????? I appreciate the amount of work you guys put into organising this and thank you most sincerely for it, but honestly, having done it once will make the next so must easier!!!
Hugs Joanne xxx

Rainbow Lady said...

Just want to thank you and everyone for the fab day I had last week..... everything about it was superb. Can't wait for Tim and Co to return so I can do it all over again. Came back from Bermuda to do the workshop and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks again love and hugz Cynthia x

ashan17 said...

looks like a very funny day =))

Piddawinkle said...

I havent expressed my thanks yet for the most amazing two and a half days, meeting like minded crafty people, watching you and Leandra work the room like pro's (LOL), breathing the same air as Lord Tim, he was just so lovely and natural, no airs and graces at all, considering he is loved by crafters the world over. I have just finished my box and tomorrow will try and find new homes for all my goodies, loved it so much, will have to start saving for another event, so I can craft and indulge in the craic with my new crafty mates.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Thank YOU Lin for such a wonderful event. You, Leandra & the entire team organised a fantastic day, it was the best Friday of my life & I can't believe it's been a week. I smile at my house every day. Have a great weekend. PS Millie is ADORABLE!

Liz said...

Thanks to you, leandra and your team for organising an amazing event and to Tim for giving the class i had a fantastic time and definately did loads of retail therapy i am still trying to find space to put it all.

humel said...

Every time I read someone else's account of the day it brings back all the warmth and happiness and *bounce!* Thanks sooooo much for all the hard work and creativity you put into it - it was a blast, and such fun to meet you! xx