Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowed in AGAIN!!!

If you are trying to ring the shop today......I'm sorry, we are not there. Snow stops play again I'm afraid. Karen, my trusty assistant lives only 20 minutes from the shop in the opposite direction to me and she does not have any snow in her area so after lengthy discussions about opening the shop, she said she would do it. She normally gets to the shop at about 9.15 am and didn't get there today until 10.20am!!! The traffic and the roads into Olney are really bad so I told her to go home again. So I am sorry we are not there to answer your calls but I am able to pick up your emails at home so please feel free to contact me this way.

This is the view from the front of my house and I have to say that the main roads are no better than this, it's like driving on sheet ice. It was -11 degrees C this morning when I tried to go out. It took Mark 30 minutes to chip his van out from under the ice, both inside and outside!!

So I'm drowning my sorrows in this hot chocolate with marshmallows .........yum, yum.

Not sure how long we will be closed but I promise to keep you posted.



Joanne said...

Just keep warm at home, it's the safest way. x

Linda Cain said...

Looks yummy! Living in the Midwest, this is what our winters are always like. Snowing again here and slick. Had a Drs. appt, routine, but so glad it's in town.

Keep warm and wait for sun to melt things a bit...if there is such a thing!


Daniele said...

hot chocolate and marshmallows....yummy, its been so cold at work today and we have to trade with at least one door open all the time,I think it'll take a few hours to defrost myself tonight, looking forward to seeing what the classes will be for next year
best wishes

Nicks said...

stay closed until its safe, you and your staff are precious - us punters can live without our crafty fix

Helen said...

Best take no chances, but tuck up in the warm. Your hot chocolate looks yummy!

Sarah A said...

We were snowed in all weekend!! Better to stay safe and warm than to risk it in this dreadful weather!
The hot choc looks yummy!

Sarah x

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Snow days are rare and special. The hot chocolate makes it extra cozy. Stay warm and safe. (This is what it looks like in Western New York winters. I love it!)