Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Art Journaling......on page two

Despite the freezing fog this morning, my art journaling ladies travelled from all over the country for their second art journaling class. Can you believe it was -7 degrees when I drove to the shop early this morning and it took me about 20 minutes to dig my car out from under the thick frost! I'm so pleased that the weather didn't stop my ladies from getting to the shop because they produced some amazing pages today.....check these out.

The is a page that Francesca did....amazing huh????

This page belongs to Sally......sadly this picture doesn't do justice to the colours she used, in real life it is really vibrant.
This is one of Mary's pages

And so is this.......Mary loves handbags and this is going to be a page all about her collection.

I think this lovely background belongs to Hilary.....please forgive me if I got this wrong.

This also belongs to Hilary...I wish you could see the amount of shimmer on this page, it's just gorgeous.

Anne is the artist behind this fabulous page.

She also did this background.

Jenny created this page about places she visited.

And last but not least, Janet transformed a simple background into this stunning piece of work just with a stencil..........wish you could see all of these pieces in real life, these girls really impressed me today.

Hope you manage to stay warm in the freezing temperatures (for those followers not in the UK.....it is beyond cold here!!!)


Daniele said...

these look amazing....so inspirational

Karin said...

These all look fabulous. What a brave ladies face the elements on such a cold day. Looking at the end results it certainly looked worth it. Well done.

Linda Cain said...

Gorgeous work! What fun!


Wendy_B said...

I love your work! I really wish I could attend one of your classes. The swim across the pond is just too long! I am thoroughly enjoying the tutorials and hope to see more of them!

mrich2500 said...

These are LOVELY!!!