Tuesday, 20 July 2010

An expensive day off!

Today turned out to be a very expensive day off. Like a complete idiot, I had a little accident last week......I managed to fall over whilst trying to cross the road......I tripped over a dodgy paving slab.......big time splat......right in the road......yep, car coming and everything.......I'm fine.....pride not so fine..... a few bruises but I'm okay. What's not so okay are my glasses....all bent and battered they were. The optician tried to straighten them out for me but they are still not quite right and as they are varifocals, it's obviously quite important that they sit even on your nose so that you can see straight......it also not a cool look to wear wonky glasses!!!! Anyhoo, after a second trip to optician to fix wonky glasses, we come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to buy some new ones. If I'm having new ones, I think to myself, I may as well get my eyes tested first in case my prescription has changed even though I've only had the last pair for a year. So today was my day off, I'm being really good lately, trying to get a day off each week....not sure how long that will last, but it is very nice and so off I trot to another opticians, this time to the one that I thought would give me my much needed glasses in an hour. Longest eye test I have ever had in my life....very thorough....I was most impressed. Off I trot to choose my new frames, they have some fandangled deal about getting a second pair free and all sorts of stuff to tempt you. I found the perfect frames...they fit like a glove.....look okay....quite trendy but not too trendy....definitely not pink.....so I'm liking them quite a lot. Then I ask the two crunch questions....when will they be ready and how much. Me no likey either answer!!!!! THREE WEEKS!!!! What the heck happened to the hour service, you know the one where you can walk out of there wearing your new specs? Oh, they don't do that any more....did I know...of course I didn't. The very helpful young lady asked "when were you hoping to have them?" Today would have been really nice...poor girl felt really bad. Having got over the shock of have to wear my £10 Superdrug specials for three weeks she then hits me with the second bombshell, only she didn't tell me to brace myself.....£400!!! I hope I get to tell Mark before he reads this, I think I need to make him a big cuppa before I break this news to him! So at this point, I have invested an hour and a half of my time, Karen goes on holiday to ,Paris tomorrow so no more days off for a bit so I figured what the heck and handed her my money. She was such a lovely, helpful young lady, I now feel bad that she felt bad that I have to wait so long but she did promise that she would try and fast track them for me......thank you Nicola for being so helpful, I'm waiting by the phone for your call to say they are ready!!!

So after that little epic, I popped to Kelly's to see Ronnie and Mills, they always cheer me up. I had bought them a few bits and pieces from the Next sale, which I went to at the crack of dawn on Saturday before going to work....mad I know, but so worth it, everything half price. So we had a little fashion parade, Millie loved her new coat so much she didn't want to take it off.....it's 28 degrees outside and she wears a coat!!!!

Back home for a spell in the garden with Meg, fondly known as Mad Meg. She is seriously mad but I love her to bits.
Here she is doing the only trick that she knows.....begging for a treat!
And of course she gets her reward!
See this great big pile of wood.......that's where my new studio is going to be!!!!!! A serious amount of work needs to be done in preparation for said studio but I'm very excited by the prospect and the best bit is that Mark said he will do it this year for me!!! Now it's here in black and white, on my blog, which he reads daily, he'll have to do it. I do love you Mark....you're the best!!!!
I'm off to make that big cuppa for the man himself, he'll be home in ten minutes!!!!


Tracy Evans said...

You have had an expensive time, first glasses then the next sale and a new craft space too. Why do expensive things always happen all at once LOL. How exciting having a new craft space, ooh the thought. Never mind you can always work an extra few hours to pay for it all LOL, oh the joys, it takes you ages to earn it and ten minutes to spend it. Tracy x

Helen said...

How exciting to have a big new craft space - hope Mark gets it done in super quick time for you! Bad luck about the glasses, hope you don't have to wait too long for them.

craftimamma said...

Oooh Lin, you have my sympathies. I had a similar shock with my glasses just before my hols last year only with mine I was staying at my daughter's and her little dog got hold of them in the middle of the night (I'd left them on a low table) and chewed my 3 month old posh designer £400 glasses to bits. I now have my replacement pair covered by insurance for ANY eventuality!!!

Looks as though your new studio is going to be in a prime spot. Bet you can't wait.

Lesley Xx

Kay said...

WOW! you have expensive taste! Hope the glasses come through in double quick time. Meg is adorable, she looks like a typical crazy terrier, bless her.

Linda Elbourne said...

How did he take it??????? I bet he said ... "money ... no object" or words to that effect ... he is such a nice man :0)

Piddawinkle said...

ooh I need to go to the opticians, but Ive already had a dentist bill and I think I need to go back, geting old is not cool, will recommend all young children to take out optician and dental insurance at an early age, LOL

Linda Cain said...

Well, I for one am glad you're OK. Think of what you could have been faced with had you broken your fall with your chin and knocked some teeth out.
As my husband always said, "no one's hurt, and it's only money." Only....but he was right.

Better days ahead, girl!

Your Friend in ART,


TAM said...

OUCH can truly sympathise as I've just had to have new glasses too - its the varifocal lenses that bump up the cost so much (plus the transition coatings etc) - I trawled the local shops asking for the lense prices and there wasn't a significant difference. Did manage to get two pairs for my £450 bill and that was after a big discount for also being a contact lense customer also.
Suggest you look at your household insurance to see if you can claim as they were damaged when you fell

Jennie said...

mmm I know the feeling.. yours were CHEAP!! mine the last time I went were £600, and that included FREE reading glasses and a pair of 1/2 price sunglasses!! you got off lightly :)) I have a problem, though because I am so blind, I have to take someone with me to tell me if the glasses look ok! Pile of wood space looks great...wishing you well in the building..come round and see my half finished handmade kitchen... six months in the making so far!! Pics when finished will be on my blog! rofl.
Hugs x