Monday, 14 June 2010

Craft Barn Extravaganza

What a fab weekend!!! It was an absolute pleasure to sit and play for two whole days, so thank Sandy for inviting me, I had a blast! It was very busy and very hot on Saturday but we all enjoyed the atmosphere and I can't thank you enough for all your very kind comments, it really does mean a lot. I saw loads of familiar faces, many of whom I usually see at shows like Ally Pally but of course at Ally Pally it really isn't the relaxed atmosphere that we enjoyed this weekend. A show is a real high turnover of people and I really don't get the chance to chat, unlike this weekend. I did two of my three favourite things.....playing and chatting....just in case your interested, the third thing has to be shopping.....usually for beads!!!! Do you know, I even saw quite a few of my own regular customers who travelled all the way to Lingfield for the nice is that!!! Also Jo and Lynne, two of our trusty Artsycrafts assistants turned up to do a spot of heckling , oh and shopping of course!!!
I got to catch up with friends, I saw Julie Hickey, Paula Pascal, Francoise Reid, Isabelle Norris, Jenny Mayes, Jean and Malcolm from Crafty Individuals and my dear friends Suze and Leandra. If I've missed you off the list, I do sincerely apologise, I'm feeling a bit brain fried today.....I'm blaming the mountain of paperwork that is in front of me that I should really be doing but I'm not, cos I'm blogging instead!!!! Anyway, I digress as usual, I wanted to show you a picture of this fab-a-dab-a-doo ring that Suze very kindly gave me. Now it that a wicked ring or not? Thanks Suze, I love it and it was sooo nice to catch up with up you and Lenny, you guys always bring a smile to my face......shame I always manage to shut my eyes in photographs.....but I am smiling!!!!

Here's a couple of the samples that I had made to take to the barn. It's not that easy to see from the picture but the new collage stamp (one of the new Paperartsy Hot Picks and available to buy online here) is stamped on pearl metal and coloured with a wash of goop. VERY PRETTY....LIKING THIS LOADS!!!! Now for those of you of left comments about goop, it's not really called goop, that's a name that Leandra gave it because it's goopy!!!! It's really called Inka Gold and it's a fabulous paint that can be used straight from the jar as a gilding cream or you can use it like a paint. If you water it down a lot, it's like a pearly water colour.......gorgeous!! This is also available to order here, just click the Viva button.
This was my favourite finished sample.

And the following ones are not entirely finished, these were bits I threw together with the sample pieces I made at The Craft Barn

For those of you who wanted to know what treasure was hidden in the treasure are a few of the bits and bobs that were lurking in there.....not exactly gold and diamonds but they are treasure to me!!

Okay, I'm off to tackle the paperwork.

Take care, Lin x


mustavcoffee said...

Great weekend, lovely demos, many thanks,xx

scrappyjacky said...

Loved your demo at The Craft Barn....totally inspiring....thanks.

Helen said...

It was lovely to see you again too, I could have sat there all day!
I am going to try the ripped corrugated card technique as soon as I can find some (may have to go shopping, then!!)

Anonymous said...

Great that you enjoyed it so much. And you have made beautiful samples.

Dallying Debz said...

Sounds like you had fun. Absolutely gutted that I didn't make it - I hurt my knee on the way back from Linda's class so couldn't drive :(

I'm up at the end of the month so will the samples be in your classroom to gawp at?

craftimamma said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been there. It's a veeeerrrrryyy long way for me and would involve negotiating the dreaded M25 which I hold in absolute terror. Maybe I'll pluck up courage to get to a Craft Barn Extravaganza one day, Lol!

You made some beautiful things while you were there but then, that's ne great surprise is it? You always make beautiful things.

Lesley Xx

Ellen said...

thanks got letting us peek into the treasure chest , they are wonderful.
I love your combinations of different materials and all those textures it makes me want them all.

Time for Crafting said...

It was such a treat watching you at the Craft Barn - how one minute you were holding a plain piece of torn cardboard - the next it was a fantastic creation. It was such a wonderful weekend - thank you for your inspiration.

Val said...

Lin - I lovely the time I spent watching your demos, an picked up such a lot of info. I shall be shopping tomorrow when I come to the workshop.

Suze Weinberg said...

I just LOVED seeing you are like sunshine ! I am so happy you liked the ring..I will fix Leandras for her. Please don't wait too long,...come and visit...SERIOUSLY. The room is waiting !