Sunday, 6 June 2010

Busy Weekend

It's been a busy but fun weekend. I taught a card making class on Saturday using all B Line Design stamps which was great for these ladies as when they booked the class yonks ago, they had no idea, nor did I for that matter, that there would be 30% off all wood mounted B Line stamps. We do still have quite a few wood mounted left and I'm going to take this opportunity to explain what the deal is with B Line at the moment. We are swapping over from wood mounted to unmounted and because we have some of each in the store we have temporarily removed the ability to purchase B Line stamps on line. THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE DO NOT HAVE THEM. Linda will be slowly putting them back on the site once we get to grips with the stock control. The wood mounted ones are going to appear in the "bargain basement" and the new unmounted ones will eventually be under the "B Line" button. This is a lot of work, so please bear with us. You can still download the B Line catalogues so that you can view all the images and of course you can order over the phone on 01234 714848.
Okay, so back to what happened at the weekend. Here are a couple of photos of my ladies hard at work, first table....Halina and daughter Alex, Sue and her daughter Jess....good luck with the exams Jess.

Next up, Mary, Dot, Sue and Sue....yep there were three Sue's on this class!!!!

They behaved themselves so nicely that I left them use my brand new treat to fabby new set of pencils. If fact they were so quiet, I wondered what I was doing wrong!!!!!
Sunday was actually a quite a nice relaxing day....well for me anyway.....not my daughter Kelly. Kelly and her friend Della competed in the Milton Keynes leg of the Race for Life. Della just lost her mother in law a couple of weeks ago to breast cancer, so it was quite a moving experience for her. Whilst we were waiting for the race to start, I managed to get this great picture of my grand kids.....I know everyone thinks there grand kids are the best and I am no exception to this, these kids just melt my heart all the time.
In fact it was 4 year old Ronnie's suggestion that we buy some flowers for Mummy to surprise her after the race, so we hot footed it off to Waitrose to buy roses!!!!
So here are Kelly(L) and Della catching their breath and proudly wearing their medals.

And Ronnie presenting them with the flowers they so deserved.

After a quick shower and change, off to a restaurant for Sunday lunch. There was a huge bouncy castle in the garden which Ronnie absolutely loved. I think this picture just sums up the day really.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend, Lin x

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Lottie said...

What fantastic photos - and such a fun filled day for all of you.

I sponsor friends in the Race for Life each year and the Moon Walk - such very worthy causes and a great way to raise funds and involve all the family