Monday, 3 May 2010

Jewellery & Journal = Fun Day!

I really thought I was going to be working today as I have so much to do but Karen and Linda both gave me "the look" and I knew that I should stay home. I am so glad that I did, I managed to actually create something for me. I had to clear a pathway through my little workroom before I could even get in there as there has been a lot of bead buying going on lately and all the bags were just thrown in and the door shut behind them. There has not been much in the way of jewellery making lately due to the pressure of work but I think I made up for that today......I've had a lovely day!

I select a few component boxes...........
A girl can do a lot with antique balls and antique dangles!
This was the first piece that I made. I got these beautiful lampwork beads and a bead fair in Towcester recently, I didn't think I had enough of them for a necklace, so they ended up as a bracelet.

You need to see a close up to appreciate how beautiful they are.....I'm hoping that my own lampwork beads will be as beautiful as these one day.

Then I found some more in my stash that were a pretty good match to the bracelet, so now i have a matching set.

The inspiration for this necklace came from the supplier of these polymer clay and silver discs. I so wish I could remember their name but they were also at the Towcester bead fair. It was such a simple idea and I just loved it. I added an Artgirlz charm to jazz it up a touch though.

This one actually came as a kit from Making Memories. I got them with the idea of using all the components in other artwork but I loved the colours in this kit. I must admit I have added some of my own beads and taken out the pink ones that they can't blame me for that can you?

When I went to CHA this year, I got some gorgeous beads in a bracelet kit from the retail show that was hosted the day before the trade show. Well, I have such a tiny wrist, I knew they would look ridiculous on me, so I made this really long, dangling necklace.

Because it's so long, you can't see the fab beads, so here are a few close ups.

Oops, the last one was a bit blurry...sorry!
After the epic jewellery making session, I had to wait for my camera to charge up so I made good use of that time and played with my gorgeous box of pastels.......brand new and completely untouched before today.

When I went to CHA earlier in the year, I was a very lucky girl and managed to get a place on an art journaling class with Ingrid Dijkers. I know I have mentioned this before but she was such an inspiration and she introduced me to pastels which is a medium that I had not experienced before. I just loved them and promptly invested in this humungous box!! I am planning some art journaling classes at the shop soon and we will definitely be using pastels. The following three pages were created in less that 10 minutes....I love speedy results.

So today was a fun day......don't forget, watch out for the Art Journaling class.
Take care, Lin x


Debbie S said...

The necklaces are lovely. Can't wait for you to do art journalling classes as its something I'd love to learn

Helen said...

The jewellery is fantastic, you've had a really great day's "play", good on you. I love the look of the pastels too, what a smooth coverage they give.

Linda Elbourne said...

The jewelery is stunning and I can't wait for the classes :0)Do I need to get me some of them there pastels???

Karin said...

Fabulous jewellery and love the effect of your pastels.

janet said...

i have not seen your blog before, i'm a beadaholic too. sometimes you just have to roll with it dont you. lovely work, especially the necklace with the big brown flower.i like the pastel pages too, my daughter gave me some might try them out now. see ya

craftimamma said...

What a fabulous post from beginning to end Linda. Everything you have made is just gorgeous. I'd buy that jewellery any day and my daugher would love it too. She's a bit of a bead nut!

Lucky you with that wonderful box of pastels and the pages you have done so far are such pretty colours.

Lesley Xx

Angie said...

Love the jewlery ...especially the braclet and its almost matching neclace.

Those pastels make me want them what you have done with them

Linda Cain said...

I have pastels from college...should dig them out and use them!
TFS the inpirations is always wonderful!!!!!


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Beautiful jewellery Lin and the pastel pages are gorgeous.

Glad Karen gave you the day off!!

chris'nlinda said...

I love, love, love that big christmas-pressie-box of pastels!!Looking forward to dashing down to Olney to book more delicious classes! Can't wait!

Doone said...

I too love pastels, the pigment vibrates so much more than any other medium - your jewlery is stunning, it's so lovely to have a quiet day just playing isn't it...

Lottie said...

Your jewellery is stunning- absolutely gorgeous - and you are so very clever making it.

I would definitley be interested in your journalling classes - love the pastel effect.

Dragon said...

Woo you were just SO productive!!! LOVE it all, you are such an inspiration.

DF - Heidi said...

you know me a sucker for those beads totally loving them - some great bits

Rachel Greig said...

Beautiful stuff Lin!!!!

Val said...

Love your beadwork - you have been busy!

Those pastel provide some stunning effects.


The Inky Minx said...

Glad you managed to find yourself some 'me' time, and i see i'm not the only one playing with beads and such... all your jewellery pieces are fab.. and i love your pastle pages, i'm starting my very first CJ so these are just the inspiration i need :)