Saturday, 1 May 2010

7 sleeps to AC!

Well, it's only seven sleeps to go before Artsycrafts and my "to do" list seems to be getting longer instead of shorter and I don't know how as we have worked our socks off this week.
This is the beginning of the name badge production line.

Name badge production has been taking place at home in the evenings. The painting started in the kitchen. When dry I moved to the living room and plonked myself on my very comfy sofa so that I could try and catch up on some episodes of Brothers & Sisters....I love that programme and I have about seven unwatched episodes!!!
As you can see, it is quite a mammoth task....two events....50 people attending each one, plus badges for all the Artsycrafts helpers....106 in total!!
Chocolate is definitely helping me get through this verrrrrry long task.
It has been one of those "on the edge of your seat" type of weeks. All the products for use in classes and stash to sell was ordered weeks ago for these events and up until yesterday, nothing much had arrived. I spent many hours on the phone this week chasing people and low and behold stuff started to trickle through. Last week, I found out that one very crucial order had in fact been lost but I wasn't too worried as there was still time for it to reach me. Then I had a brainwave and asked them to check if everything I had ordered was in fact in stock. Well, of course, you've already guessed that the most important item (the substrate for a class) was out of stock until June!!!! I went into complete meltdown and rang Leandra straight away. She was as cool as a cucumber and amazing as always and instantly came up with a plan B which I actually like more than plan a blessing in disguise!!!!! I was hot foot on the phone to our supplier to check availability of said item....yep.....all in stock.....I ordered 60 of them (they are sold in pairs) so I was expecting 120 items......not exactly what I got. The supplier ordered 60 boxes (each one contains 5 pairs) Yep........I GOT 600 just have to laugh don't you!!!
After I got over the shock of this teeny tiny misunderstanding, the brilliant supplier has admitted it was their mistake and has agreed to collect the unwanted items.....phew......those boxes took up nearly all the shop!!
Life got much better after that, everything that should be here is now here, so those of you who are coming to can relax.....everything we had planned for you, will definitely be on the agenda. Just to whet your appetite, here are a few peeks of the projects.

Hope you are as excited as we are!

Lin x


Nicks said...

Can't wait to see what you are doing this time!

Kay said...

Oooh! I've actually got 21 more sleeps coz I'm going to the second one.... can't wait!

Sally Bowman said...

You are such a tease! How will I get through 7 more nights before The Day after seeing those sneaky peeks?!

Debbie S said...

I'm so excited but have to wait until the end of the month. Thanks for a great class yesterday. I really enjoyed it and its given me lots of confidence with metal.

Sue said...

Yes I enjoyed yesterday's class too - although I didn't enjoy the journey home which took me well over 4 hours as the M1 was closed!
See you next weekend - it WILL all come together Lin!!

Karin said...

Can't wait to see what wonderful projects we will be doing this time. really excited. :o)

Linda Elbourne said...

I am very excited .... I get another badge :0)

Jane Moseley said...

Can't wait, don't think I will sleep at all before next Saturday!!??

Anne Jagger said...

Can't wait!

Tracy Evans said...

I don't know how you keep going. Love the tags for all the attendees. Hope the workshops go well. Tracy Evans x