Monday, 31 May 2010

I got an award!!!

I got an award from Tracy for which I thank you very much. I am touched by your comments and although I am nearly computer illiterate and have absolutely no idea how this whole award thing works, I couldn't let it go without acknowledging the fact that I got an award.

I think I am supposed to tell you ten things about myself and nominate as many other blogs for the same award. Sadly most of the blogs that I could nominate have already received this award and secondly, I know this is the cowards way out, but I would really hate it if I forgot someone important, so please forgive me for not doing the nomination thingy.....I will play along with the facts goes!!!

1. I used to swim competitively when I was a teenager and actually represented the London borough of Wandsworth....I still have my stash of medals somewhere.

2. I love reading in the's the only time I get!!

3. I am addicted to X-Factor and American Idol....sad, but very, very true!

4. I always sing my head off when I am alone in the car....I only do it when I'm on my own as I can't sing a note in tune!!!

5. Slushy old movies are another of my weaknesses.

6. I love to travel.

7. I only have nine toenails......not sure if you really needed to know that!!!

8. Cheese and chocolate are my two big weaknesses.

9. I couldn't live without my jeans.

10. Jewellery making is my latest addiction.

So there we have it, enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.



PeggyR said...

Congratulations! I love your artwork...

Carmen said...

You so deserve it! Love your 10 things...I too love my jeans...and American Idol (blush on that last one). Love cheese and chocolate, but not together. Just wanted to make that clear. Congrats on the award!

Val said...

Congratulatiobs Lin.

Suze Weinberg said...

now I know EWVERYTHING that I didn't already know and the toenail thing has grossed me out completely...but to me...YOU ARE PERFECT 100% of the time
Luv you

The Crafty Chick said...

I knew about the toenail but not about the swimming thing. Funny cos I used to compete regionally as a swimmer too. Weird huh! Congrats re the award. Well done!

Karin said...

Congratulations on your award. :o)