Monday, 2 November 2009


So Mark and I are all packed and ready to leave for Ringwood on Saturday morning and the phone rang just as we are going out the door. It's my daughter Sarah, squealing down the phone "guess what Mum?.........I'm getting married!!!!!!". There I am squealing down the phone back at her, OMG, OMG, OMG I'm so excited!!!!! Chris is such a lovely lad, some of you may have even met him. He sometimes comes with Sarah to help out at Ally Pally.....all the ladies love him!!!

I'm then screaming to Mark "she's getting married!" He just grinned at me and said "I kinda guessed". So congratulations to Sarah and Chris, we couldn't be happier.
Sorry this is such a rubbish photo, it's the only recent one I could find of both of them.

Thank you Ringwood!!! You always make us feel so welcome, a special thank you to Alison and Graham who organise this little show. It is in a beautiful part of the country and sadly, Mark and I never get to see any of it!!!! It's quit a trek for us, all the way down to Dorset but we had a little detour this time, we stopped off to meet Mr & Mrs Paperartsy (Mark & Leandra) for a coffee and brief chat about the ideas we have for the next Arstycrafts......our heads are buzzing with plans already!! We hit a lot of roadworks on the M25 on the journey down, I must admit,I was snoozing most of the way....poor Mark, he's just as tired as me. We set up for the show the night before which was really lucky because the weather on Sunday morning was just awful, the rain just relentless.

I met some familiar faces, ladies that I see at Ringwood each year, which is lovely. Lots of new people who now know all about Viva paint. As usual, I forgot to take photographs of the samples I made before giving them away but here are a couple of shots of the few things that got left behind.
I wish you could see the effect of the Glimmer Mist in these shots, it's just gorgeous. The frame was made from Mocha coloured metal, sprayed with Pashmina and Iridescent Gold Glimmer. I covered a Crafty Individuals frame and used some wheels to decorate it. The clock was stamped on Pearl metal and also sprayed with's very pretty in real life!

These two tags are a couple of really quick samples using some of the new B Line images stamped over the top of Nick Bantock inks and Glimmer Mist .

Hopefully, you can see better in this close up.

I'm off to catch up on my paperwork!


Jan said...

Congratulations to the happy pair! Wonderful excitement for the family.

Linda Elbourne said...

Congratulations to the happy couple ... so exciting ... and we get to go shopping Lin ... I shall be mother of the bride in July 2010 so we can compare hats *LOL*

Karin said...

Congratulations to the happy couple.
Beautiful samples too!

Lottie said...

Many congratulations to Sarah and Chris - and thanks for calming down long enough to share your lovely artwork.

I could just feel the excitement in your post -- it was wonderful.

Dylan said...

Congratulations to them, they always seemed so sweet together..

Kay said...

Congratulations to Sarah and Chris. I have been served by the groom at Ally Pally and does seem a nice lad. Best wishes to them both for the future

Lesley said...

Congratulations! Soonn to be mother-in-law! haha!
Love the new B line images!
Lesley x

kjjc said...

ooo congrats LIn. How lovely.

Jennie said...

Congratulations! Weddings are such fun!

Hels said...

Congratulations to you all...happy news! :O))

Anonymous said...