Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Review of Artsycrafts

I know that this looks a bit like a school photo but we just couldn't resist. We had to change from our normal room for the second event and this room came with a stage...how perfect!!! I know it's tiny but see if you can spot anyone you know. There are our 50 Arstycrafters, Leandra and I are in the middle of the second row and then our trusty helpers Karen, Lynne and Jo are also in there somewhere...it's like one of those Where's Wally books!!!!!

I can't believe it's all over, all the designing, preparing kits, ordering and general stressing is all over....until March that is. We have provisionally booked the last two weekends in March, more details will follow soon when everything has been confirmed.
Well, all I can say is that we had a blast!!!! It all went so smoothly, everyone enjoyed the projects that Leandra and I designed, which is a bit of a relief!!! Everyone was so friendly, it was a great atmosphere, such a great, easy going group of people to teach.....it went like a dream. We have been teasing you long enough for pictures of the projects. I have to admit, I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked......I was a bit busy. I got Jo to take some on my camera and I've got some of Karen's too. I need to look through them all more closely and more will follow in the next few days but I just wanted to quickly post something tonight for you guys to see......enjoy!

This is the start of the clock face. Terra has been applied with a spatula and some images have been stamped into it. It has to be dry before you can apply the next layer of paint
A few different samples of the metal panels that are to be attached to the canvas for decoration.
Here they are drying....most of them have been blasted with a ton of glimmer mist

Karen and Jo having a little rest!!!

Everyone working hard.
Lynne on Candid Camera!
This is Courtney, Leandra's oldest daughter, modelling the latest trend in UTEE earrings. Can you believe we were messing around with UTEE at 10pm on Friday night before the event.....the earrings are a bi products of that little session

Here's a picture of a finished canvas clock. This is actually my sample and the picture was taken in the shop before the event. I promise I will post more pictures soon when I figure out how to rotate them!!!


Sandy Poppins said...

Well done to you all... I attended the first weekend and it was great meeting everyone and of course the tick tock projects were fab!

Helen said...

Looks fab! Really must start saving for March.... see you soon

Jennie said...

Just a big thank you.. it was fab weekend :)

Helen Chilton said...

This clock looks fantastic - did everyone work in their favourite colours?

Lesley said...

Well done to everyone. You all put in such hard work and it was really appreciated by all us attendees I'm sure.

I loved every minute.

(And thanks for sending my cardi back to me....)

Lesley x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

My bag is packed ready for March....Can't wait to see more of the samples.

Karin said...

A humongous thanks to everyone for making this the best crafting weekend I've ever had.
Looking forward to the next one!

Nicks said...

looks like fun was had by all! one of these days I will get to come!

P'tite Plume said...

Wow! Beautiful work art!

Lottie said...

Heavenly - how envious am I. What an enormous amount of work 'behind scenes' go on to make such a perfect day for all your arty students. Well done you.

Fantastic projects too. Out of this world.

I can't wait to come to your class in your store in December - its the highlight of my year!

Lyn said...

Hi Lin and team
Just wanted to say a MEGA HUGE THANKS for such an amazing weekend, we had soooo much fun and learnt loads !!!! Can't wait to do it again
Lyn x

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