Friday, 24 July 2009

Yay!!!! New classes are ready.

It's been a mad frantic time trying to get all the last minute details finalised for the next season of classes. I had a lot of fun making all the projects, so I hope you like them. I am posting photographs here and all the details are now on the website BUT WE CANNOT TAKING BOOKINGS UNTIL SATURDAY 1st AUGUST. Don't forget, our sale also starts on the same day, so it makes sense to visit the shop if you can, you can kill two birds with one stone!!!
Workshop 1 - Beeswax Collage

Workshop 2 - Canvas Creations

Workshop 3 - Mixed Media Jewellery

Workshop 4 - Viva La Paint!

Workshop 5 - Behind The Dark Room Door

Workshop 6 - Box'O'Tricks

Workshop 7 - Noel

Workshop 8 - Mini Canvas Books
Workshop 9 - Grung It Up!!! Workshop 10 - B Line Mix
Workshop 11 - Christmas with Alcohol Inks


Lola G. said...

All of these projects look like things I would really enjoy! Let me know if you decide to offer them over here in Connecticut...............

Linda Elbourne said...

Nothing more to say than ... Yummy X

Linda Cain said...

Wonderful things!!!!! Good luck with all of your scrumptous classes!

Linda C

Georgetta said...

Wow!!! Oh, my poor bank account. If I do all the ones I want to, you'll be sick of the sight of me LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived nearer Linda, these projects look totally fabulous! I have booked your workshop at The South Stamp Show though, and also ArtsyCrafts, so I can't really complain! Lol!
Alison xx :o)