Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Blue is the colour!!!

We had a TSS shipment in yesterday and guess what? We are now the proud owners of the new Brrr Blue metal. It is a gorgeous colour, a bit darker than denim but not quite as dark as Navy Blue. It will be up on the website tonight and I just wanted to share this with you. Of course I couldn't wait to have a bit of a play so what do you think of this cute trio of frames. These frames are itty bitty and dead quick to cover with metal.
So here's what you do:

Place frame on the metal and use the pointy tool to draw around both the inside and outside edges of the frame. Cut to size making sure that you leave enough spare metal to fold around the sides and tuck behind the frame.

The next picture shows how I have divided up the frame into small segments that can be decorated with different techniques. because I can see through it clearly. I like to you my acrylic mat as my ruler I used a few wheels, a ball&cup tool and also my pointy tool to do the squiggly doodle thingy that I love so much.
Once you are happy with the design, apply Humungo sticky adhesive to the frame, remove the backing tape and lower onto the metal, making sure that you line up the edges of the frame with the template you drew on the metal.

Fold over the edges of the metal, use your paper stump to make it nice and smooth.

How many times have you tried to cover something and find that you always cut the corners too short when cutting on the diagonal? This is my tablecloth corners technique, give it a try, it may well help. Once you have the metal folded around the edges, pinch the excess metal outwards as per the photo below.

Once you have done this, pinch it nice and tight against the frame and cut the metal vertically against the frame. Once you have done this, you may need to trim a tad off the excess that is going to fit behind but at least there will not be gaping great holes!!!

Oops!! Didn't realise how blurry this picture was until now....it's too late to go back and take another one. Hopefully you will be able to get my drift on this using your imagination!!!
Now you should have something that looks like this.

This is the part when you have to take care of yourself. Use a knife to cut a X in the open area of the frame. Use your paper stump to ease the metal in place. You may find that there is a small area of white wood peeking through at the corners. If this is the case, gently peel back the metal and add a touch of acrylic paint to the frame to disguise the gap.

For the finishing touches. use one of your favourite embossing wheels to decorate and flatten the edges.

Oh, I forgot to mention the sanding part!! Take a sanding block to scratch away the paint from the embossed areas...it will look really cool.

The other two frames have been decorated using a couple of the fabulous Kabuka moulds.


Nicks said...

Yummy colour! Do I need some?

Yours Artfully said...

Hey Nicks.....of course you do.I think it's going to be one of my favourites. Can't wait to start trying Glimmer Mist on it and the swipe it off technique with the new colours alc. inks....it's going to be a lotta fun!!

Anonymous said...

I love this project, Lin. Thank you for giving us all the steps and explaining in detail.
I think your Masterclass in this month's Craft Stamper is fantastic. There is never enough time to write down all the different techniques at the shows! : )

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Lin. I'm not anonymous...I'm Jackie Thornhill. One day I'll get the hang of this!! : ))

Linda Cain said...

Fabulous, Fabulous, tutorial!!!! You are the Queen of Metal! No doubt about it!

Linda C

Helen said...

Great new colour, lovely project. I agree with Jackie, the Craft Stamper article is great.

Jan said...

Fantastic project - love the new colour too - will be visiting the shop again during first week in August - cant wait!!