Monday, 6 April 2009


I know, I know, it has taken me ages to post about the ArtsyCrafts events, I can only apologise and blame my extreme tiredness!!!! Yes, it was hard work doing two big events back to back but then it was also double the fun!!! Sadly, I was a bit under the weather for the second one and it finally caught up with my last week.....I felt pretty grim and actually missed my grand-daughter's first birthday!!!! We did however have her birthday party this weekend which more than made up for it, she is such a sweetie. She even went a bit "flower power" and had a hippy flower face painted on her cheek!!!
Big brother Ronnie helped out with blowing out her candle!!!!

So back to the events. It wasn't all plain sailing, but then nothing ever is. The first event we had a bit of a heat issue....sixty people in the room, heat guns etc and no air conditioning.... are you starting to get the picture? It was finally fixed about 2pm and so it was much nicer for our students to work on their fabulous projects. The second weekend, we had a power cut....again, completely out of our control but everyone just got on with their projects, no complaining just good humour and lots of hard work to try and finish before it got dark!!!! Luckily, power resumed earlier than we expected so it was no big deal after all.
We have had such an amazing response to these weekends, we have provisionally booked the next dates for October but will release the spaces for sale once everything has been finalised. It you are keen to get a place next time, the best way to make sure you have all the gen when it's hot off the press is to put your name on either Leandra's mailing list or my own, that way you will automatically get the information sent direct to your mailbox.
We had a few problems taking photos this time around. Basically my Mark's camera is kaput after the sandstorm in Egypt and Leandra's Mark was not able to attend the whole event. Jo, one of our fantastic helpers took some pics and as soon as I get them from her, I will post some more pictures, in the meantime here are a few from the weekends and also pics of the samples that I had made myself.

Life is still as frantic as ever, Karen is on holiday this week so I am manning the shop as well as writing two magazine articles, getting ready for Ally Pally and trying to toilet train a puppy which is not easy as I am in the shop and she is at home.....yes, you can imagine can't you, you don't need me to explain that one!!! But how can you not love this little cutie.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Can't believe how big Ronnie is now , and what acutie your grandaughter is , sorry to hear you were unwell but hope you are feeling alot better.
The weekend samples look fab , and your puppy too ....
See you at Ally Pally
Love Lorraine xx

Linda Cain said...

WOW! Drooling over the wonderful things in the drawers!


Janette said...

Hi Linda,

That puppy is gorgeous...what breed ???
Well done on getting a blog, they are addictive !!
Great work you have been doing...are you going to be sharing your beads too ???
Janette ( Poole )