Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Website problems....what a nightmare!!!

A big, big thank you to all you very kind souls that contacted me to alert me of the problems with my website. It appears that if you land on my website, via google, you get a virus warning flashing up on your screen. We have scanned the website and all our computors and we are virus free. The problem it seems may lay with google. Our "web man" is on to the problem for us but our biggest problem is that Mark and I leave for Gatwick tonight for our long awaited holiday to Egypt. I was very excited and I'm sure that we will have a fantastic time but it is not nice going away with this looming over our heads. Anyway, enough whinging, the bottom line is that if you would like to order something and are feeling a bit wary of using the website, call Karen at the shop on 01234 714848 until we get to the bottom of this.

On a lighter note....WE ARE GETTING A NEW PUPPY!!!!! We recently lost our little doggie after 16 years and we miss him like mad. This all happened when I was away in America at CHA and upon my return, Alex, my son, told me that a friend had just had 11 puppies!!!!! Sadly two were still born and although he thought it was "a bit too soon" thought we should go and see the puppies anyway. Alex has been so upset by the loss of scoob, he also knows that I'm a soft touch so off we went to see the puppies. Of course I am now in love!!!! Choosing was really difficult, but our little baby girl puppy will be collected when we get back from Egypt. I know I must be barking mad but I can't wait. Actually, I'll let you into a little secret.....Mark and Alex are as excited as I am!!!

It has been a mad, frantic week so far, trying to get everything organised before my trip. We are trying to put together all the class kits for the ArtsyCrafts events later this month. Poor Karen, she is going to be chopping up metal, card, acetate and all sorts when I am away, to make sure all the kits are ready in time...she's a little gem....thanks Karen! There are still a few places left on the second event, it's going to be great, we have some fabulous projects in store so if you think you are in need of a little self indulgance, our altered arts/crafty weekend could be just what you need! Call the shop for more info on 01234 714848.

I'll post again when I get back.


DF - Heidi said...

i know your going to have an awesome very much deserved holiday enjoy it, and i am sure the website probs will be fine go have some fun in the sun you are going to be blown away what you see

tanya watts said...

have a great holiday!! just let the rest go! go en joy yourselves!
xox tanya

Dee said...

Hope you have a great holiday. Looking forward to seeing piccies of your new puppy. Dee x

Nicks said...

Hope you had a fantastic time! It's a fantastic place!