Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Puppy Love

This is going to be a really short post......I really shouldn't be sitting here blogging at all as I have six million and one things to do in preparation for the first of the two ArtsyCrafts events this coming weekend. We are frantically packing up kits, well actually Karen is Queen of class kits and I am official chief box packer and owner of many, many lists!!!!!

I just wanted to share a few pictures with you of the new love of my life....she is the cutest puppy on the planet and her name is Meg. We said that we would never have another dog after we lost Scoob in February but she came along at just the right time for us as we missed Scoob so much. Anyway, enough of my waffling.....here she is!

As you can tell, Mark is never going to have tied up shoe laces ever again....they are her favourite thing!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Hope you had a well earned rest and a wonderful time.
Your new addition to the family looks like such a cutie , Megs markings are beautiful . You will definitely have no time now for creating ....lol
Enjoy your weekend .
Love Lorraine x

Cheryl Darrow said...

forget shoe laces, it's when they chew only one shoe of each pair that you own, that you just love them even more! That's what our little Mocha did for me when she was that size. Took two years to stop chewing. I can't believe you named her after my baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Linda ... Meg is just so gorgeous. You will have so much fun with her and she will light up your life with her love for you.
All the very best to you.
Jackie Thornhill

Katy - CS Editor said...

OMG she is sooooooooooo adorable Linda!