Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow Day.......tomorrows class.......yikes!!!

This is the view from my kitchen this morning....about another five inches of snow! That's twice in a week.....this never happens....has our weather gone completely bonkers or what? I am very concerned about my class tomorrow. Hopefully, fingers crossed, the snow will be gone by then. Who am I kidding...the forecast for later in the day is more snow. My problem is that all my contact numbers for all the people on the class is in the shop and I can't get there. So if you are booked on tomorrow's class, please email me at

The above picture is of my buried car and Mark's van before Mark attempted to go to work. He only has a five minute journey so he thought he would make the effort and try to get there. It took him half an hour but he said the roads are really bad and that there are cars abandoned everywhere....that made my decision for me...I'm staying home again today. I feel like a naughty child playing hookey from school. I have no work here at home to be getting on with, everything is at work. Oh well, I may just have to spend the day playing beads instead....what a chore that will be!!!!!

Here are a few more snowy pics. Glad I found my camera. I spent days looking for it and getting really concerned that I had lost it, when we finally found it in a box that we unpacked after the Stevenage show. Talking of the Stevenage show, thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello and watch the demos. It was a brilliant show for us, the best one we have ever done at this venue which is amazing considering the economic climate at the moment. I really enjoyed the show. Everyone asked me lots of different questions and so I did lots of varied demonstrations which is what I love to do, a fun day until it snowed!!!! Loading the van in the snow is not one of my favourite pastimes.
I had planned on posting some photographs of the things I made at CHA but of course they are in the shop and I am not.....I'll leave that for another day.


Linda Cain said...

So, you guys got a little bit of snow, heh! Yes...that's what it looks like here about 7 times in the winter, only you can still see the cars!

Stay warm, my friend...and create!

IsaNorris said...

hey! you got a few flurries!! **nearly** looks like here LOOL