Monday, 20 October 2008

Master class

What a great weekend. I hosted a two day Ten Seconds Studio master class at my store this weekend. I think I finally realised that I have scared away all the local people as all the people on my classes these days seem to come from all over the country...I am very flattered that they travel the distance and as a way of saying thank you thought I would share some of their fantastic work with you.

The class was repeated from earlier in the year as I had so many people interested in learning all my metal stuff. If you think you would also like to attend a masterclass, let me know as I am compiling a list of names, if I get enough names on the list, I will definately repeat it again.

So here are a few snaps of the girls hard at work, these ladies were so busy that they didn't even realise that I was taking this photo!!!

They were all very enthusiastic, I think I may have worn them out though, we crammed a lot of different techniques into this class. We made nine little technique tiles using different coloured metals, we played with alcohol ink, Rangers acrylic paint Dabbers, embossing powders and the fab paint from Terra Bella. We used stamps from paperArtsy, moulds from Ten Seconds I taught some free hand techniques too and ooohh, mustn't forget Glimmer mist...this looks fantastic on the pearl metal!!! Last but not least was my technique with UTEE, so we got the melt pot out too.

Just to change the subject completely and for those of you hear me bragging about my little grand son Ronnie and his obsession with cooking, here is the little guy in action..doing what he loves best...baking chocolate cake!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
Love the masterclass pics, the finished pieces look fantastic .
And that chocolate cake sure does look yummy.
Love Lorraine

Linda Cain said...

FABULOUS WORK!!!! They must have an exellent teacher!!!
Linda Cain

Yours Artfully said...

Thank you for your very kind comments Linda. I wish we were nearer to each other, actually the same country would be good, then we could share our metal ideas...can you imagine!

DF - Heidi said...

knowing how much i learnt and enjoyed the class earlier in the year i know they would go away with heaps of ideas and keen to get on - hope there was enough chocolate left to make the cake LOL

Suze said...

BRILLIANT are getting the real hang of blogging. The class looked amazing and I'd have surely wanted to make the trip to come and take it if it wasn't JUST a tad far !!! Warmest love and regards to you and to Leandra too. HUGZ, Suze