Monday, 30 June 2014

A page in my journal

This is one of those pages that has developed over a number of days. Working in my very lovely 12 x 12 kraft journal, I sprayed a splash of colour with some Color Bloom sprays. A few days later, I came back and brushed over it with some Snowflake Fresco Finish.

Then I used some Mermaid and Guacamole to print some of Ellen Vargo's carved images.

A few more days passed and I added some stencilled images.

Some more of Ellen's stamps.

Then I forgot about this page for a few days as my time was taken up with some house projects....grouting the tiles that Mark had put up in our bathroom. Let me tell you, it's not difficult to do but it really is quite hard work on a hot day!!! Anyways, the tiles are looking splendid.

Next task, which hadn't been scheduled on my "to do" list at all was to clear the loft!!! In order to fit the new shower, Mark is going to install a pump as we have rubbish water pressure and this will cure that little issue for us. Only snag was, that it needs to go in our loft and it is, or should I say was, full to the rafters with nearly twenty years worth of accounts for the shop, every piece of school work that all three of my children ever came home with, toys, magazines that Mark can't bring himself to part with and a gazillion suitcases!!! It took two days and four trips to the local dump plus a trip to the charity shop. We now have a truly well organised and much emptier loft and the bonus to emptying the loft was that I found my daughter Kelly's guitar, which apparently was superb timing as her son Ronnie wants to learn to play and she was just about to place a bid on a guitar on that well known auction funny!!

So today, I managed to get back to my journal page, I added some script from a Sara Naumann set of stamps and some of Ellen's finer/scratchy carved stamps with Orange Blossom Archival ink. I also added some dots and outlining with my Sharpie pens and it was all starting to come together.

A bit more stencilling was needed to fill the gaps and then I stencilled Summer Time on page one and stamped the rest on the quote on page two with JOFY's alphabet set.

My final touches were a couple of Darcy's stamps to fill the remaining gaps. So this is a real mash up of different stamps but I have to say it was quite nice knowing that I had a project on the go in the studio so that if I had a spare ten minutes, I could just go and add a few bits and bobs without starting a project from scratch. I would definitely do this again.


Hazel Agnew said...

What a busy bee you are and testing that shoulder too. Love the colours that you have chosen on the Kraft background. They look really fresh. The highlights also lift it. It works really well Lin, love the way that it developed. Xx

Darcy UK said...

oooo how fab, I love to see all our stamps working well together.

Julie Ann Lee said...

What a lovely idea! This page is so beautiful and subtle and how nice to watch it evolving. I have to confess, our loft sounds exactly like yours! I was incredibly impressed with your grouting and those tiles are so pretty! What a versatile and creative person you are! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work! Julie Ann xx

Helen said...

what a beautiful journal spread, I love the colours and the combination of stamps. A great way to spread the time of making the journal over a few days . Don't want to come and sort my loft do you? it is similarly full!!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful page Lin, the colours are so pretty. I like the new tiles too.

Jacqui Chimes said...

Lovely colour mix

Rebecca said...

Love the colours 😄
Happy craftin

Etsuko Noguchi said...

Beautiful pages! Ellen Vargo's image and your's combo are fabulous. Now I figure out jut little about how to use Ellen's stamps. I will, I will... xx

massofhair said...

Fabulous glass tiles in your bathroom and with colours i would expect you to be comfortable around, they look smashing!

Beautiful step by step of how you created your journal pages, loads of little touches which add up to glorious techniques and colours.

Hope you didn't overdo your shoulder clearing out the loft! I too have been having a clear out mostly course works from my teacher training and other bits and bobs. Have a lot of shredding to do lol :-) xxx

zunaira mehar said...
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Michelle Bower said...

would love to see a pic of the whole looks totally scrumptious
Michelle (aka MikkiB)