Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year

I may be a few days late but I figured better late than never, so I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. From all the news bulletins that I've seen recently, it looks like many of you have not had the best start to the new year, suffering the appalling weather conditions that we've been experiencing of late. Here in the UK, we have suffered some really nasty windy/rainy conditions resulting in a lot of flooding and across the pond to Canada and the US, snow seems to be causing havoc. Wherever you are, please stay safe, dry and warm.

As many of you know, I'm still a little bit out of action following my recent shoulder surgery and the boredom has been really getting to me. I can manage to do short bursts of arty stuff but not long periods of time. I have been dabbling with a little fabric project that the lovely Karen gave to me as a kit for Christmas. It has taken me about 10 days to make this little box and I absolutely love it.

I have adapted a few things, changed some of the fabric, added some of my own embellishments and lace but I can honestly say it has truly saved my sanity as it was a little project that I could work on and put down when I felt it had become too much.

I am counting down the days now until I can actually go out into my studio and get my paints and messy stuff out. I have classes to plan and projects to make.....all sorts of ideas are buzzing around in my head, so watch this space for class details.
Because I have been suffering from cabin fever, Mark took pity on me and booked a days holiday from work to take me down to London for a day. Having said earlier that we had had really bad weather, I couldn't believe what a gorgeous day it was last Thursday. We had a nice long walk along the embankment, stopped for a cuppa in The Royal Festival Hall. We walked around Trafalgar Square and it made me remember what a beautiful city London is. I was born and brought up in London and I think that fact allows me to take London for granted. I hope you enjoy the next few photographs as much as I did.



Of course it would have been rude not to do a spot of shopping in the sales, so we headed to Anthropology on Regent Street, this is one of my favourite stores. I was first introduced to Anthropology by my lovely friend Suze Weinberg when Leandra and I attended Ranger U a few years ago. They usually have the most amazing ideas for displaying the merchandise in their stores but as the sale was in full swing and the store was jam packed with people, it was difficult to appreciate any arty displays. I did however purchase this fabulous rolling pin. I love it so much, it's still sitting on display in my kitchen, I don't want to put it away!!!
I know I have been such a bad blogger recently and feel completely out of the loop with Twitter and Facebook, but I am hoping that this week will be the beginning of my return to normality and start to get creative again or I may go completely insane.....wish me luck!


Brenda Brown said...

Wishing you a very happy new year too Lin and hope that you will be back in full action soon. Love your little box and photos of London and looking forward to seeing your crafty makes over the coming months.
Take care.
hugs {brenda} x0x

sally said...

Unless I'm much mistaken .... Which is possible, your box is based on a Janet Edmunds design - she did a book a few years ago of fabric boxes based on medieval reliquaries . I did a course with her that I thoroughly enjoyed & this post brought many memories flooding back. Hope you are soon crafting pain free again :-)


Sue Abbott said...

I bet your head IS so full too Linda. Best that you havent been naughty and done too much too early though. Happy New Year to you and yours and have fun with your future creations. Xxx

massofhair said...

You are missed on Twitter Lin, i understand how frustrated you must be not to be able to drive or craft etc so it is lovely to see your Blog post.

Fabulous project, gorgeous colours & lovely stitching.

Hope your rate of recovery is super fast so you can get back to doing all the things you love :-) xxx

Carol Q said...

well I think I just love that to bits Lin, what a gorgeous kit. I can imagine you are going stir crazy. Hope the shoulder is better SOON x

Anonymous said...

Happy new year and i wish you loads of luck.

Sue C said...

Happy New Year to you too Lin ! Your little box is beautiful, I can imagine it gave lots of pleasure while also staving off the boredom ! Let's hope you're back in action soon. Sue C x

Helen said...

Glad that your shoulder is letting you do some crafting again, now don't do too much, too soon!! We need you back in full flow but not at expense of your health!! Love your gift from Karen, how pretty does that look! You must have picked the only day for months without rain to visit London last week!

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

OMG Nearly bought the same rolling pin a week b4 Xmas when we were up there, but had lost the will to lug it about in the heaving crowds so left it there! I did ponder ordering it online, but of course promptly forgot in the Xmas madness!

Julie Ann Lee said...

A very happy belated New Year. I have been meaning to follow your blog for ages: I think I believed I had and then realized I hadn't! Anyway, I am following now and I hope you will soon be feeling free of pain and creating to your heart's content. I love what you have been doing though - so beautiful. I always admire your work. Julie Ann xx

Coco said...

Wishing you also a very happy belated New Year Lin. Hope you will not suffer longer from your shoulder.. Thank you for the share of this wonderful make, and for the beautiful photos! Take care, Coco x

Lucy Edmondson said...

How lovely of mark to take you on this day out and your photos are great. Perhaps he could put up a couple of hooks so this gorgeous rolling pin cld hang on the kitchen wall?

Lucy x