Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday afternoon

It's a wet and dreary Sunday afternoon, I have no inclination to get creative at all today so I thought I might just sit myself down with a nice cup of something hot and warming and type up a little blog post as although I've been absent from my blog again, life has certainly filled with all kind of lovely things.

Mark and I spent a fabulous week in Malta.

The weather was perfect.

The sea was warm, crystal clear and the most amazing turquoise I've ever seen.

The landscape was breath taking.

Valetta, the capitol, was very busy and very hilly!!

There is something special about watching the sun go down in a beautiful place. The sea was so calm in this little bay, I even swam there during the day......the water was so warm, just like taking a dip in a giant was wonderful.

I can honestly say, it was one of the best holidays Mark and I have shared, We're even thinking about going back and taking a scuba diving course which is something I've always wanted to do.

I had only been home for a couple of days when Karen and I set off for a day of textile inspiration and the show at Ally Pally. We've been a couple of times before but I have never been to a show there that was sooooo busy. We arrived by car to find that ALL the car car parks were completely full and if you have not been to Ally Pally before, I can tell you there is a lot of parking spaces!!!! We had to park at Wood Green and the car park attendant suggested we get the shuttle bus from the tube station up the Ally Pally. Initially we thought that was a sensible suggestion  but when we saw the queue for the shuttle bus, we realised that it would need half a dozen buses to clear the queue in front of us so we decided to walk. Oh my goodness, that is one big hill!!!! 

Karen and I both felt a little disappointed that there really wasn't anything amazingly new at the show but having said that, we always enjoy the day and I did manage to buy a few things. Some new silk screens, three new Stencil Girl stencils, some lovely ribbon and lace, embossed felt, some gorgeous fabric flowers and a new wooden stamp.

Oops, sorry about the chair leg in this picture, I've cropped it but for some strange reason, I cannot for the life of me save the changes!!!

And finally, Mark's Mum just celebrated her 90th Birthday. Sadly, she lives in a care home now so we decided to have a bit of a family gathering for her. My Sister in law and nephew travelled all the way from Billingham for the event, we really don't get to see them very often so we took the opportunity to have a group photo as there are four generations gathered here.

I've just looked out the window and think the rain may have finally stopped so I think I should grab this window of opportunity to walk my doggie.



sam21ski said...

Looks like you had a fab holiday Lin and that sunset looks lovely as does that gorgeous blue/green sea and sky.

I was disappointed last year when I went to Harrogate to the twisted thread show, just same old, same old, but I do love that arch stencil you managed to sneak in there!!!

Sam xxx

Helen said...

Great holiday, love the views - bet you didn't want to come home! I like the look of the haul from the twisted thread show, and well done for making it up the hill to Ally Pally - rather you than me! How lovely that you got such a big gathering for Mark's Mum's birthday. It would have been my Mum's 90th next week, too.

Hazel Agnew said...

What a lovely catch up Lin. Might try Malta. Lovely family pic. One to treasure. X

Lin said...

Isn't it a beautiful island!! I am so glad you had great time..a well deserved rest!! Your haul looks very scrummy love the lace and trim and the stencils look great too!! Bet you needed a cuppa when you got to the top of the hill we used to run up there as kids lol!!
Lovely family piccie too I bet she had a wonderful birthday xx

Lin said...
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augcott said...

What a lovely lovely holiday!!!
The color of the water in that second shot is just wonderful! It makes me sigh!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I'm glad you & Mark had such a lovely holiday & enjoyed your time with your family afterwards. (Nice stash from AP too).

massofhair said...

Loved Malta it is a fab destination. Did you manage to get to Gozo? So glad you both had a good time and enjoyed the beautiful waters.

You got some lovely items from Twisted Thread show :-)

Norah McPhee said...

Good morning Lin,
Firstly and most importantly i hope Mark's mum had a great birthday and congratulations to her on her 90th. What a lovely time she must have had being able to see her family altogether.
Ooooh i spy some beautiful lace and flowers amongst your goodies from Ally Pally. Me and my mobility scooter would have had a wonderful time seeing all the magical things. The SECC in Glasgow will be tiny i suppose to the A.P. Maybe someday i will get there.
Your pictures from your holidays are beautiful Lin and i have to agree with the sunset and the beautiful water, it just looks so lovely. Nice to go on a holiday that you really enjoy as you reap the benefits of it for some while after you come home, but its nice to see you back on blog.
Hope the weather clears,
Love and crafty hugs

chris'nlinda said...

Only just caught up with this blog entry. So pleased you enjoyed Malta. Funnily enough Pete and I very nearly booked the same week as you to go with my sister. But had to back out due to having to help move my 90 year old mum to a new flat in Reading! And house clearing her house in Stourbridge for the new owner! Love Malta especially Valletta. Did you go into St John' church? It's stunning! Try Madeira next time. I think it's even more beautiful!