Friday, 19 July 2013

Oh my goodness, it's a tad on the toasty side here in the UK at the moment. It is lovely to actually see some sunshine but I have to say me no likey the hot evenings. I can cope during the day, even in my studio which is a bit of a suntrap in the afternoons but it sure is hot, hot, hot at night!!!

I have been busy working on new class projects for my the autumn/winter schedule and I am hoping to finalise all the dates and costs within the next couple weeks and will post details here on my blog and also here on my website. I have a big decision to make regarding how I sell my classes and am not sure what to do so I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments on this one.

Last time my classes went on sale, the stock control system failed miserably as everyone was trying to purchase the same class at exactly the same time ( and I do mean exactly the same time, classes went on sale at 8pm and everyone finalised their purchase and went through the payment gateway at 8.02 pm!!!!) needless to say, the classes were well and truly over sold (and I thank you all for wanting to take part in my classes) but it was  not a nice thing to have to email people to explain what happened. I did actually put on extra dates to accommodate everyone but I would prefer the easy route this time.

Here are my options:

Use the same method, post all details on my website and purchase classes through PayPal but this time just specify a day rather than a time in an effort to try and spread the congestion of traffic on the site.

I could post details of classes as normal but remove the option of purchasing on the site and invite people to email me with their requirements. This way, I will still be able to deal with requests on a first come, first served basis and will simply issue a PayPal invoice for payment of classes.

I am erring on the side of the automated system still but would really appreciate your input on this one.

In the meantime, here are a few sneaky peeks of some of the upcoming classes.

This one is a hand made journal including basic bookbinding stitches.

Hinged canvases
A garden of flowers using all my favourite techniques with my stamps and dies.
This class will be focusing on the "Shabby" look!
This class will be all about creating texture.
And I'll leave you today with a little project that I made recently as one of the samples I've made for Colemans Craft Warehouse, I'll be demoing stuff like this on their next demonstration day on Saturday 27th July 2013, click here for all the details. It would be fabulous to see you there.
OK, that's me for today, have a fabulous weekend.


PetraB said...

Your sample is wonderful, love the colours and all the fabulous stamping.

sam21ski said...

Oh my gosh - these are all fabulous but my favourites are the bottom two of your sneaky peaks!!!

As for your workshop bookings, if it was me, I'd go down the email route then at least you'll know the order they come in and you can do a first come first served basis and send a paypal invoice.

By the way, it's meant to get hotter next week!!

Sam xxxx

Lin said...

Loving the shabby one Lin but then I love them all!!! I think the email way would be fairer because everybody will just hit the button at midnight lol!!

Daniele said...

does that mean I have to set my alarm for midnight ......would hate to miss out on these tempting Its a hard one lin to say which is the best way for you. I'll just wait for the results and keep my fingers crossed
have a lovely weekend
hugs and best wishes from Daniele

Helen said...

Fantastic samples, all of them!
Hope you find the best solution to your booking problem! I think I'd for for the email option too, but I can see problems whichever route you go, because they'll be popular no matter what!

Sue C said...

Beautiful samples Lin. I guess the choice for booking your classes is split into two schools of thought, what makes your life easier or what makes it easier for us to book. I would go with what makes it easier for you to manage. Like Helen says I don't think there is an easy answer as they will be popluar whatever !

Carol Q said...

woo hoo! lol

Lin said...

back those hinged canvases!!!