Tuesday, 2 April 2013

And tomorrow......Paris!

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading off down the motorway to PA HQ and I will be heading off to Paris with Mr & Mrs Paperartsy for the most fabulous of shows, Version Scrap which is on the 5th, 6th and 7th April. As I have not posted on my blog since the 16th March, I thought I would just let you know that I haven't vanished from the face of the earth, I've just been really rather busy. Lots of family commitments, including birthdays for two of the little ones.

Amillie was five yesterday and bless her, she had fallen over a few days earlier and scraped the skin on her nose and forehead....it looked so sore but she was definitely a brave little princess.

Then a few weeks ago Master Seb celebrated his 2nd birthday.

In between all the celebrations, I have been working really hard on all my college stuff as I knew that I had to get quite a bit done before the trip to Paris.

I have been printing fabric.

Practising free motion machine embroidery.

Then hand painting with Procion Dyes.

Trying out the art of fabric manipulation. All these pieces started out as one square piece of fabric with a grid of dots marked on it and you simply join the dots in a variety of patterns.....it's absolutely fascinating.

I've been rusting fabric!

Boiling buttons....wrapped and tied in organza......now that is a really cool technique!

Playing with Xpanda Print, Lutrador and Brusho Powders......
.......it's all been quite a lot of work but so much fun too and then these babies arrived........even more yumminess and I am extremely ashamed to say that I have not had a chance to play with them yet. You can imagine just how frustrating that is!!

Oh well, never mind......I will be playing with them for three days in Paris and then again the following Saturday at Ally Pally so I really shouldn't be complaining.

Well, that's me for today...I have a suitcase to pack.


Lin said...

wow Lin what a time of it you've had. Happy birthday to Seb and Amillie.
Well as for your college work it is absolutely gorgeous you clever girl!!

Hope you guys have a fantastic time in Paris..I am very very jealous :(

now don't forgat to save some goodies for us at ally pally and we will see you there!!!

safe travels x

Helen said...

I wonder that you can tear yourself away from those little angels!!
Your fabrics and other textile projects look great fun.
Have a fantastic time in Paris, and I'll see you at Ally Pally the week after.

finnella03 said...

Lin I love your college work it looks really fun, will you show us how you did it.
Your two little stars look like they were having real fun and they are really growing up fast.
Safe travelling and have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Love your fabric manipulation. Looks like origami tesselation, which i rather like but find quite difficult. But fabric will not tear that easily.
Love all your painted, died and sewn artwork. You really learn a lot and sure it will take a lot of time to practise.
Keep having fun.

TAM said...

WOW no wonder you've been MIA from blogland recently - you've been mega busy elsewhere.
First off Happy Birthday to your little cuties - hope Amillie's wounds soon heal - they certainly don't seem to be bothering her in your picture (amazing cake by the way)
And as for your college work - well it leaves me speechless - how do you fit it all in???
Enjoy your jolly to Paris with Mr & Mrs PA - along with everyone else I wish I could come too - Have fun x

Paper Paradise said...

Wow, the Grandchildren are growing up so quickly, Aren't they all just so very special? Love keeping up with your college projects. It is so interesting, Love the painting with the dyes....BRILLIANT! Have a great time at the shows. x

Carol Q said...

how did I miss these beautiful pleated fabric samples Lin? I would LOVE to have a go at something like that. like doing origami on fabric lol.